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Center for the Humanities

Grant Guidelines

General Guidelines

Note: The CFH limits the amount that can be paid for a dinner to $50 per person. In writing your proposals please give the exact number of people included in your arrangements.

Specific Program Guidelines

Final Reports

The CFH requires a final report thirty days after the final event. You  may use this form or write your own letter, but include the information asked for on the form.
Below are a couple sample final reports.

Sample research assistant final report
A check to the CFH for $1 for every hour your student worked during the term must  also be included.

Sample general grant final report

Affiliate Faculty

All affiliates, including Loyola teaching fellows, are welcome to apply for funds from these Center for the Humanities' programs: general grants, summer study grants for affiliates, and nurturing intellectual friendships.

Full-time affiliates, including Loyola teaching fellows, may also apply for funds from the following programs: enriching classroom teaching: conferences, enriching classroom teaching: materials, faculty publication costs, faculty publication library, and the student research assistant program.

Other Sources of Funding

A new program from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) seeks to develop humanities curricula and material and disseminate humanities scholarship and teaching practice. Grants are up to $250,000 and can be used for stipends, release time, travel and honoraria, etc. Applications are due Oct. 15.

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