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Enriching Classroom Teaching: Conferences

This program enriches classroom teaching at Loyola by providing stipends for faculty to attend conferences that will improve their command of fields in which they teach ($1,500 maximum). Although support for a faculty member's attendance at regular major professional conferences ought to come from departmental and the dean's budgets, this program provides funds to attend colloquia, seminars, or academic conferences that a faculty member would not normally attend and that will directly contribute to the enrichment of one or more specific courses. Ordinarily, no more than three of these grants are awarded in a given year.

The program is not intended to fund the development of new courses or honoraria for guest lecturers. Requests for funding above these limits may be considered on the basis of the quality and creativity of the proposal.


Applicants must be tenured, tenure-track, or full-time affiliate Loyola faculty members in the humanities and ordinarily may submit only one proposal per year.

Standards for Proposals

The proposal should explain clearly how the conference to be financed will benefit (a) specific course(s) at Loyola and why the funding should come from the Center for the Humanities rather than other sources in the University; it should also include general information on the program, the host institution or organization.


The proposal should include: a. the applicant's department, rank, years of teaching at Loyola and elsewhere and a budget; b. approval of the applicant's department chair expressed in a letter (500 words or fewer) or by the chair's signature on the proposal; c. an explanation of the value of the conference or activity proposed to (a) specific course(s) in the humanities (500 words maximum).


Proposals must be submitted to esgarrett@loyola.edu as an attachment by the last working day of the month for consideration at the next month's meeting of the Steering Committee.

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