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Join our '19/20 Steering Committee

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Steering Committee is an integral part of the success of our Center.  We rely on our Committee to provide input and guidance on the direction of the Center, and students are the ones who take the lead on developing and executing key Center activities, to ensure that they are designed for students’ interests and needs.

Interested in becoming one of our six committee members for ’19/20?  All students are eligible to apply.  Members must have a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and a commitment to lead a project, attend monthly committee meetings, participate in Center activities like hackathons, and schedule periodic project update meetings with the Center Director.

What’s in it for you? Committee members will have irreplaceable experiences as changemakers designing and leading innovations on campus and in the community, will learn the principles of design thinking, and will develop close relationships with innovation faculty, administrators, and other student leaders. Yes, this will look good on your resume, AND you will learn and grow in the role like never before.

There are six positions available:

  • Greyhound Group Consulting Lead

Greyhound Group Consulting provides consulting services to Baltimore area businesses and non-profits.  We utilize Loyola talent in areas including social media, graphic design, market research, writing, advertising, HR, web development, customer service, and more to benefit local ventures.

  • Makerspace / Lange Innovation Lounge Lead

The newest makerspace on campus, Lange Innovation Lounge is being developed to be a multi-disciplinary space filled with prototyping and creativity tools for members of our community to explore and create. Experienced makers, and those interested in learning more should apply.

  • Volunteer Lead

In partnership with local organizations, create both 1-off and regular volunteer opportunities for Loyola students to teach innovation and entrepreneurship to Baltimore students, and to act as mentors/coaches in their transitions to work and college.

  • Career Trek Lead

In partnership with the Career Center, plan and promote several treks each semester to local innovation hubs, model startups, and other ventures.

  • “How Might We” Pillar Lead

Create and manage the process for the Loyola community to answer revolving “How Might We?” questions that will be posted on the new Innovation Pillar in the Student Center.

  • Outreach & Engagement Lead

You are an influencer who loves to play the role of Ambassador and get members of our community involved in CI&E activities.

To be considered for the Steering Committee, submit your application by April 30, 2019.


Meet our 2018-2019 Team

 Quinn Cosgrave

Quinn Cosgrave '20

"Innovation to me means changing how we do and create for the sake of advancing how we live and work."

 Will Gallagher

William Gallagher '19

"Innovation is enhancing efficiency, productivity, and all aspects of living through creative means."

 Bryant Jaramillo Headshot

Bryant Jaramillo '20

"Innovation is finding solutions to the world's problems."

 Oliver Kish

Oliver Kish '20

"Innovation means constantly pushing the bounds of what is established and known. Encountering challenge and opposition means you are on the right track."


Hayden Loiseau

Hayden Loiseau '22

"Innovation is finding new ways of improving the lives of everyone around us."

Emily Manzo Headshot

Emily Manzo '21

"Innovation to me means improving upon what's already in place in society in a way that benefits more people and promotes equality and justice."

Eric Muchisky

Eric Muchisky '19

"Innovation means empowering people to do great things by breaking the status quo or trying unconventional ways of learning, thinking, and doing."

Stephon Smith

Stephon Smith '19

"When solving a problem through innovation, it is done right when financial, environmental, and social concerns are equally integrated into the solution."

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