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Aeliana Lomax '19Aeliana

Aeliana Lomax '19 is an International Business major and Spanish minor, as well as founder of LOMAX Talent Acquisition Co. LOMAX, a professional development and talent acquisition consultation firm that launched in January 2019, aims to deliver innovative yet pragmatic strategies for those on both sides of the recruitment process. In this interview, Aeliana discusses her Loyola experience and her passion for entrepreneurship.

How did you get your idea or concept for LOMAX Talent Acquisition Co.?

When beginning my own career search, I identified pain points that I saw as opportunities to improve on the existing market solutions. Some of the career platforms we use today, like LinkedIn, Handshake, and  Indeed, are simple to navigate, but lack the personal link and individualization that would help professionals get the most benefit from them. My goal is to maximize the output from these platforms tolaunch individuals to the next level of success, whether starting a new career, or changing paths. 

What is your mission for LOMAX?

Lomax will lower (LO) search times and maximize (MAX) results for job seekers by staying up to speed on a recruitment process that is changing by the day. On the employer side, our value add will be to scout and place uniquely skilled candidates to improve retention of employees, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace, leading to more innovation and success for any employer.

How has Loyola been able to become a chapter in your entrepreneurial venture?

I became an entrepreneur at an early age, when I started a music theory business at age 10 and taught neighborhood kids my craft of music. Fast- forwarding to university, I found that I could apply my passion for entrepreneurship to make a difference for those around me. As an International Business major and Spanish minor, much of my coursework is rooted in cross-cultural collaboration and global strategy, and I enjoy working collaboratively to problem-solve.

Loyola has provided me with the tenacity to sit at the table to advocate for positive and innovative change in our community. I’ve developed my leadership skills and networking know-how as Co-Vice president of the SGA, writer for The Greyhound, and member of the International Business Club.Some of my most supportive professors and role models include Dr. Irem Demirkan, Professor Lynne Elkes, and Dr. JP Krahel. I have been blessed to be able to learn from and be supported by the remarkable professionals here at Loyola.

What is your motto?

"Passion paired with grit transforms a vision into reality."

Visit the LOMAX website or email Aeliana at ahlomax@loyola.edu.


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