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Baltipreneurs Accelerator

The Baltiprenuers Accelerator will be piloted this fall for members of the Baltimore community, including Loyola students, faculty, and staff, who are building a business or an innovative social venture. Five to eight selected teams will join the accelerator to receive training and technical assistance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to capital, ending with a pitch competition in early spring.

The Baltipreneurs Accelerator will feature:

Differentiated instruction and active learning

Ventures are understood to enter the program in their own place and with distinct needs, and will proceed through the program at their own pace. Mentors and instructors will provide personalized content, in some cases delivered via technology, and conversations within and across teams will be prioritized to democratize the learning environment.

Not a class

The accelerator will extend beyond the fall semester, providing an extended time frame for feedback, reflection, opportunities for failure, and to react and rebuild.

Cohort development and cooperation

A “team of teams” dynamic will be built in the Accelerator, as collaboration among and between teams is required. Teams will learn from one another and share resources, and will be asked to rank each other’s ventures on metrics including partnership and group leadership.

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