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Student Office Hours 

Are you interested in meeting with CI&E Director Wendy Bolger to review your project and learn how to get involved with the Center? Visit our Bookings page to view the calendar and pick a date. If you can't find a time that works with your schedule, email hhenson@loyola.edu to discuss options.

Be a Maker

image of gearsExplore, create, learn, and invent with fellow members of the Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University communities at the LNDL Makerspace. There’s something here for everyone to get creative For more information and to sign up for training, visit LNDL's Makerspace website.

CI&E is working on a new makerspace in the Lange Innovation Lounge!  If you're interested in getting involved with the creation, setup, and operation of this exciting new space, email innovation@loyola.edu to find out more.

Greyhound Group Consulting

Greyhound Group Consulting provides consulting services to Baltimore area businesses and non-profits.  Their vision is to utilize Loyola talent in the areas of social media, graphic design, market research, and advertising to benefit local businesses.

Are you a Loyola student with an interest in contributing your ideas and fresh insights?  Greyhound Group is currently accepting student consultants for engagements with startups and social ventures.

Are you a local company or nonprofit in need of expertise? Loyola students and faculty are here to provide timely, expert advice.

Email your inquiries to innovation@loyola.edu.

Student Steering Committee

All students are eligible to apply to be considered for a position on the CI&E Steering Committee. The committee meets for an hour 1-2 times/month to provide input and feedback on the direction of the Center. In keeping with the student-led approach of the Center, each member is also responsible for taking the lead on developing and executing a Center activity.

Check back in April 2019 for applications for committee membership for the fall.

Meet Our Steering Committee

Join an I & E Club

Club Description Contact
Blogging Club  Provides support of the start-up and the upkeep of a blog and/or website.  Including; online content creation, social media engagement, and monetization and self-branding.  Mitchell Tropin 
Cyber Security Club  This club aims to educate students about cyber security.  Sibren Isaacman 
Makers’ Club  Educating students interested in engineering and design about the proper use of machining tools, and applying knowledge to hands-on projects.  Yanko Kranov

Robotics Club

Encouraging students and faculty to discuss, prototype, and test robots that they choose to create on their own or with others. David Hoe
Sellinger Entrepreneurship Association An association that provides students the ability to employ and cultivate their entrepreneurial passions and interests through the use of real-world case studies, events, internships, and startups. Benjamin Hunt
Women in Technology Club  Creating a community for women who have educational and career goals in technology, as they are underrepresented in the computing fields.  Building interest in computing and fostering passion and learning within the field for a younger generation of women.  Dawn Lawrie;
Megan Olsen 
York Road Students Association (YRSA)  Actively engaging students in the wider community along the York Road Corridor, developing a sense of community.  Marie McSweeney Anderson 

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