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greyhound groupStudents, this club gives you the opportunity to gain consulting experience while also seeing what it takes to launch and manage a business. You’ll be supporting a startup or nonprofit social venture on a contract engagement according to your area of interest or expertise. Projects have included marketing and social media planning and execution, creating position descriptions and recruiting staff, and conducting technology assessments and customer outreach. Students with writing, accounting and finance, and programming skills are encouraged to apply to be a consultant, as are those who want to learn, or are considering either consulting or entrepreneurial careers. If you are looking for a way to ensure your time commitment will have a measurable impact on Baltimore, look no further!

As a Greyhound consultant, you’ll have the unusual opportunity to apply what you know, and you’ll become empowered by your ability to contribute meaningfully to a new venture. Take it from one of our student consultants: “This is a much better experience than my other internships. I’m the one applying what I know, instead of someone else telling me what to do every day.”

Learn more about Greyhound Group, schedule an appointment with the director of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship here.

Clients have included:

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