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The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Student Steering Committee is an integral part of the success of our Center. We rely on our Committee to provide input and guidance on the direction of the Center, and students are the ones who take the lead on developing and executing key Center activities, to ensure that they are designed for students’ interests and needs.

Now searching for our 21-22 Student Steering Committee

steering committee steering committee steering committee

What do our Steering Committee Members contribute?

What’s in it for you? Committee members have irreplaceable experiences as changemakers designing and leading innovations on campus and in the community, and learn the principles of design thinking, and will develop close relationships with innovation faculty, administrators, and other student leaders.


  • Innovation Volunteer Lead - In partnership with local organizations, create both 1-off and regular volunteer opportunities for Loyola students to teach innovation and entrepreneurship to Baltimore students, and to act as mentors/coaches in their transitions to work and college.
  • Innovation Career Lead - In partnership with the Career Center, plan and promote a trek or a panel each semester featuring local innovation hubs, model startups, and other ventures.
  • “How Might We” Pillar Lead - Partner with departments and student clubs across the university to identify questions and areas of inquiry in which to engage the student body. Post questions virtually on instagram and on the physical “How Might We” pillar in the College Center. Monitor responses and pillar supplies. Report out engagement and community responses back to the community.
  • Outreach & Engagement Lead - You are an influencer who loves to play the role of Ambassador and get other members of our community involved in CI&E activities. Create Instagram campaigns, work with faculty to showcase CI&E leadership opportunities in classes, promote scheduled events, etc.
  • Faculty Committee Lead - Partner with faculty members involved with the Center to lead regular communications and update them on Center news and events, schedule and set the agenda for regular committee meetings, solicit items and activities to be promoted through the Center, etc.
  • My Project Lead - Describe a project you want to lead, and we will consider you for a place on the Steering Committee, where you will receive full backing of your initiative from the CI&E

Now accepting applications through May 13, 2021

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Maria Jaeckel sits at a table displaying her jewelry in a pop-up shop

Loyola’s Baltipreneurs Accelerator helps entrepreneurial student grow jewelry business

Loyola student Maria Jaeckel advances her jewelry business, Blue Bone Jewelry LLC, with support from Loyola and Baltipreneurs Accelerator