Loyola University Maryland

Center for Innovation in Urban Education (CIUE)


The Center for Innovation in Urban Education strives to contribute to conversations on education in urban areas, and to offer a variety of events for university and local community members. Events run by the CIUE are often collaborative in nature and speak to the challenges facing urban education.


Dr. Edwin Mayorga on "Race Radicalism at the School Community Nexus" - Nov. 29

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on "Building Community and Resistance in the Age of Trump" - March 23

Ella Baker Day with Keynote Speaker Dr. Rev. Heber Brown III - April 6


Dr. Peter C. Murrell, Jr. Memorial Symposium on "A Culture of Caring: Transformation approaches to urban schooling" - Oct. 6

El Futuro de Baltimore: A Conversation on our Changing Demographics - April 20

Nelson Flores, Ph.D. on "The Raciolinguistic Underpinnings of Academic Language and the Marginalization of Latino Students" - March 29

Community Literacy Event/Writer's Workshop- Feb. 27


Two-Part Film Screening, Latino Americans: El Futuro de Baltimore - Sept. 16

Justice for Freddie Gray a spoken word jam - June 8

Documentary viewing of Second Chances: Reducing Suspensions in Maryland - April 22

Adrienne Dixon, Ph.D. on "Making Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Relevant" - March 31


Urban Educators: Thriving, Confused, or Fading - Nov. 12

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings on "Hip Hop/Hip Hope: Reinventing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy" - Oct. 16

UNITE hosts Rev. Heber Brown on "Cultural Lenses" - March 19

Dr. Jason Irizarry on “For Us, By Us: A Vision for Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Forwarded by Urban Youth" - March 19

Let's Talk about White Fear: A conversation about life & Loyola in response to the Jordan Davis verdict - Feb. 24

UNITE hosts Dr. Robert Simmons on "Let's Talk about Race"- Feb. 18

Making Urban Schools Work for Urban Youth: A Dialogue about Teacher Prep Programs and Alternatives like TFA - Feb. 10


20/20 Baltimore Speaker Series: Loyola's Footprint Just Around the Corner - Nov. 18

Dr. David Stovall on "Research, Race, Class and Praxis in the End Times: Moving Towards the Nexus of Struggle and Community Engagement" - Nov. 13

C. Mathew Hill, J.D. on "Tale of Two Baltimores: Gentrification, Failed Laws, and How You Can Fix It!" - Nov. 7

What You Should Learn about Urban Teaching in Your Teacher Preparation Program but Won't! - Oct. 16

Exploring Urban Community Assets using Education as our Lens - Sept. 20