Loyola University Maryland

Center for Innovation in Urban Education (CIUE)


The Center for Innovation in Urban Education strives to contribute to conversations on education in urban areas, and to offer a variety of events for university and local community members. Events run by the CIUE are often collaborative in nature and speak to the challenges facing urban education.


Ella Baker Day - April 5

Dr. Bree Picower on "Confronting Racism in Teacher Education: Voices from the Field and Strategies for Change" - Feb. 6


Dr. Edwin Mayorga on "Race Radicalism at the School Community Nexus" - Nov. 29

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on "Building Community and Resistance in the Age of Trump" - March 23

Ella Baker Day with Keynote Speaker Dr. Rev. Heber Brown III - April 6


Dr. Peter C. Murrell, Jr. Memorial Symposium on "A Culture of Caring: Transformation approaches to urban schooling" - Oct. 6

El Futuro de Baltimore: A Conversation on our Changing Demographics - April 20

Nelson Flores, Ph.D. on "The Raciolinguistic Underpinnings of Academic Language and the Marginalization of Latino Students" - March 29

Community Literacy Event/Writer's Workshop- Feb. 27


Two-Part Film Screening, Latino Americans: El Futuro de Baltimore - Sept. 16

Justice for Freddie Gray a spoken word jam - June 8

Documentary viewing of Second Chances: Reducing Suspensions in Maryland - April 22

Adrienne Dixon, Ph.D. on "Making Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Relevant" - March 31


Urban Educators: Thriving, Confused, or Fading - Nov. 12

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings on "Hip Hop/Hip Hope: Reinventing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy" - Oct. 16

UNITE hosts Rev. Heber Brown on "Cultural Lenses" - March 19

Dr. Jason Irizarry on “For Us, By Us: A Vision for Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Forwarded by Urban Youth" - March 19

Let's Talk about White Fear: A conversation about life & Loyola in response to the Jordan Davis verdict - Feb. 24

UNITE hosts Dr. Robert Simmons on "Let's Talk about Race"- Feb. 18

Making Urban Schools Work for Urban Youth: A Dialogue about Teacher Prep Programs and Alternatives like TFA - Feb. 10


20/20 Baltimore Speaker Series: Loyola's Footprint Just Around the Corner - Nov. 18

Dr. David Stovall on "Research, Race, Class and Praxis in the End Times: Moving Towards the Nexus of Struggle and Community Engagement" - Nov. 13

C. Mathew Hill, J.D. on "Tale of Two Baltimores: Gentrification, Failed Laws, and How You Can Fix It!" - Nov. 7

What You Should Learn about Urban Teaching in Your Teacher Preparation Program but Won't! - Oct. 16

Exploring Urban Community Assets using Education as our Lens - Sept. 20