A Message from the Executive Director

Becky Zukowski

Improving health within the communities served by Loyola University Maryland is mission critical to the Loyola Clinical Centers. 

In the spirit of Jesuit education, the Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) offer evidence-based clinical training to students – with an eye toward the future -preparing Loyola graduates to meet individual and community needs in an increasingly diverse and resource challenged world. 

As the health care world is recognizing the need to focus on total population health, the Loyola Clinical Centers is at the forefront of that conversation. At the LCC, our faculty experts, community members, and students collaborate across disciplines to provide services across a broad spectrum, to include behavioral health, psychology, speech, language, audiology, literacy, and other areas.

The care we offer to clients of all ages is personal and professional, focused on each individual—while offering opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in experiential learning through service and care delivery in the LCC. We are dedicated to client care, research, and scholarship that will help improve lives and engage the Loyola and Greater Baltimore communities. 

In the years ahead and in collaboration with others, the LCC will be looking to increasingly respond to community identified health needs, including the social, economic, environmental, and cultural determinants that are often key to improving quality of life and quality of care.

Join us on our Ignatian-inspired journey!  The best is yet to come. 

Becky Zukowski, Ph.D., RN
Executive Director
The Loyola Clinical Centers