Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center


Students who have been clients of the Counseling Center recently provided the following anonymous comments:

“I appreciated the concern that my counselor had for me, and it was nice talking to someone about the issues in my life.”

“It was very satisfying to see my counselor want to get the best help for me. I appreciated her active involvement, concern, and suggestions. I was very pleased with the quality of care and how easy it was to make an appointment.”

“I found the conversational nature of the sessions, mutual respect, and understanding I experienced were exceptionally satisfying.”

“It was really great to be able to talk to someone who was able to reflect what I was saying in such a way that I could begin to see my situation differently. I was extremely comforted by the genuine interest in my well being as a person.”

“It’s a very welcoming environment. The front desk staff was both helpful and friendly.”

“Counseling was the first time I could talk about what I was feeling instead of just thinking about it.”

“I grew emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I have become closer with my family and feel more comfortable with myself after counseling.”

“My counselor understood me.”