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'Let's Talk' Campaign

The division of student development and the Counseling Center have launched 'Let's Talk,' a public health campaign that focuses on a variety of issues affecting undergraduate and graduate students. Themes throughout the year will include recognizing the signs of students in distress, knowing the resources that are available, building skills to help friends get help, and developing the ability to bounce back after difficulties. These efforts will include a focus on suicide prevention, healthy and unhealthy relationships, body pride, preventing sexual assault, and not being a bystander. 

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College can be an exciting time with many amazing experiences, but it can also be a time of great challenge. Sometimes the stresses that college students contend with can leave an individual feeling distressed and isolated. We know that college students live in a world that can include challenges like problems with sleep and unhealthy relationships. We also know, for example, that over half of all college students have experienced the loss of a loved one in the past two years, and many, many more are coping with parents, grandparents, or siblings that have chronic and terminal illnesses. Yet, many students avoid reaching out and letting others know that they are struggling.

The main goal of the 'Let's Talk' campaign, which is really a reflection of our Jesuit identity, is to make sure that everyone in our community is aware that these issues exist and impact the lives of those who are part of our community, and to know what resources are available. We also want all students to recognize that seeking support is a sign of strength. When an individual reaches out to others, she or he begins to feel a stronger sense of self-efficacy and hope. An important part of the campaign will be the sharing of student-friendly messages that de-stigmatize counseling and promote the value of help-seeking. We will be telling positive stories this year about the strengths of this community and the students who are a part of it.

Another goal we hope to accomplish is to encourage everyone to reach out on one another’s behalf—to check in with one another when you notice that someone’s mood or behavior seems to have changed, to take the time to have the conversation and, when necessary, to help the person you are reaching out to get the support he or she might need. So often in our society we tend to reflexively think that others do not want us to pry. But we all know that when someone reaches out to us, it can make a huge difference. We want all members of the community—faculty, staff, administrators, and students—to do this for each other, and help individuals who need some extra support plug into the wonderful resources that Loyola offers.