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Group Offerings

Group counseling and support groups are often the most effective counseling intervention. The Counseling Center offers a range of counseling groups, support groups, and structured workshops. Groups typically have five to eight members and are led by one or two counselors. Most groups meet weekly for one to one and a half hours and run for a semester or year. Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate in counseling groups, support groups, and workshops. You may try a group out for a few weeks to decide if it is a good fit for you.

Please watch this video about group counseling for more information. You can also learn more about the groups we offer at the Counseling Center.

Recent group members have shared the following anonymous comments:Photograph of 4 students and a counselor in a group

“Group was one of the best things I could have ever done. I have grown and matured exponentially during the past year. Group has helped me to be able to communicate my feelings and thoughts.”

“It’s really nice to be able to say what’s going on in my head without being judged because everyone is experiencing / dealing with similar issues.”

"Group was better than I expected.  I gained confidence to give input in discussions."

"It was better than I had hoped for - I felt close, cared for, and better able to express myself."

"Group was definitely better than I expected it to be.  I didn't think it would help that much, but it definitely helped me get to a better place in my life."

"Group counseling was very satisfying.  It was helpful to discuss my problems, and it was usually fun!"

Group counseling allows students to:

  • Talk confidentially about your concerns;
  • Share your feelings and hear the experiences of others;
  • Explore your identity and how the Loyola Community meets your needs;
  • Receive support from group members and counselors;
  • Learn about alternative ways of looking at personal problems;
  • Understand and be understood by others in similar circumstances;
  • Learn you are not alone and have much to share with others that can help;
  • Discover new ways to manage your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors;
  • Renew your sense of hope and ability to resolve challenges in your life and;
  • Learn about yourself and new ways of relating to others

Each group member decides how much he or she wants to share. Because of the climate of trust within the group, members feel free to care about and help each other.


RIO (Recognition, Insight, Openness)

An innovative program specifically tailored to provide quick and useful tools without overburdening the busy schedules of Loyola students.   RIO is a 3-week psychoeducational seminar designed to help students clarify their concerns and develop a clearer sense of what they would like to change in their lives.  RIO is a curriculum-driven workshop  and respects students’ individual privacy while still providing ample space to begin building skills through experiential training opportunities.  Programs like RIO have been shown to help with overall functioning and sense of well-being, improve concentration and grades, and make adjusting successfully to new environments and challenges more likely. You do not need to be a client of the Counseling Center to attend RIO. If you are interested in attending a RIO workshop please stop by HU 150 or call 410-617-CARE (2273) for scheduling assistance. RIO is not a traditional therapy group or a space for individual counseling. If you feel that your needs are not fully met by the RIO workshop, please consider scheduling an appointment with a counselor by stopping by the front desk of the Counseling Center (HU 150) or calling 410-617-CARE (2273).

EmpowerMe Yoga

EmpowerMe Yoga is a drop-in class for participants to engage in yoga to build skills that foster mind-body awareness, coping, and emotional wellness. This class will take place in the Fava Chapel (in Hammerman Hall) every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm, starting on September 18th, 2019. The class will be led by Fitness and Aquatics Center (FAC) yoga instructor, Kaleigh Jolliffe. For more information feel free to contact the FAC at 410-617-5453 or the Counseling Center at 410-617-2273 for more details. You do not have to be a client at the Counseling Center to participate in this class. 

Group Offerings

The following list includes most of the groups that are offered at the Counseling Center. Every group is not offered every semester as availability and need varies. New groups can be designed depending upon the needs of students. Unless otherwise stated, students interested in joining a group should contact the Counseling Center (410-617-2273) to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss current group options and recommendations. 

Building Hope

This group guides and supports students struggling with feelings of sadness, guilt, lack of motivation, and hopelessness. The group focuses on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies for coping with challenges and overcoming difficulties and will help you to learn ways to manage your mood and build resilience.

Facing Loss

Grief support group that brings together students who have lost a loved one, recently or long ago.  This group meets weekly in the Counseling Center. 

In, Out, and In Between

Whether you are out, questioning, or not even sure, this weekly group is for LGBTQIA and same-gender attracted students of all backgrounds to confidentially discuss and explore aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation in a safe space. The group is support-based and is designed to encourage open discussion about gender, sexuality, religion and spirituality, coming out, relationships, family, community, and other areas of your life that may be difficult to discuss elsewhere. Refer to our website to sign up or get more information. 

Understanding Self and Others

Understanding Self and Others (USO) is a weekly therapy group where students gain insights about interpersonal patterns and relationships via support and feedback in order to increase connections and enhance self-awareness


A weekly support group for Students of Color at Loyola.  The group provides a supportive space for students to explore their experiences as Students of Color on campus.  Members will discuss issues unique to their experience at Loyola such as academic stress, relationships, race/ethnicity related stress, identity development, and resilience, among others. Participating in this group will empower students while helping them achieve academic excellence, stronger relationships and support systems, and greater life satisfaction. 



Prism Queer Person of Color Support Group logoPrism is an intersectional support group for individuals who identify as both members of the LGBTQPIA+ and People of Color communities.  Members will have an opportunity to connect with peers who share unique experiences through these identities and offer each other support as well as opportunities for growth.  Among some of the themes that may be discussed are: “Queer at the Margins,” “Queer TLC,” “Queer & Career” and “QPOC at Loyola.” 

Interested in Prism? 


The group is focused on creating specific actions students can take that will help build self esteem.  In addition, students will be taught how to interact with each other in the group so that they each become a supportive resource for other group members.

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