Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

Psychiatric Services

A consulting psychiatrist is on staff in the Counseling Center in a part-time capacity. Our psychiatrist provides assessment and medication management services for students currently engaged in short-term counseling at the Center. Students may benefit from psychotropic medications to help alleviate more significant symptoms related to anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health concerns. Numerous research studies have shown that the combination of counseling and medication is the most successful form of treatment for individuals who take psychotropic medications vs.  medication alone. To provide optimal care for our students, the Counseling Center requires that students be actively engaged in counseling in the Center to be eligible for psychiatric services with our psychiatrist.

Students will begin the assessment process with a counselor prior to referral to the psychiatrist. This assessment process may take several weeks. The initial appointment with the psychiatrist lasts about an hour and will include any recommendations for treatment, including psychotropic medications, if appropriate. The psychiatrist will provide a thorough explanation of these recommendations, including the potential benefits of medication, as well as any possible side effects. Should a student decide to begin medication, follow-up appointments will be scheduled every 1-3 weeks for approximately 30 minutes. The appointments are focused on continued assessment of symptoms and functioning to determine the effectiveness of medication. The counselor and psychiatrist will consult and work as a team to provide optimal care for students.

Due to the brief treatment model of the Counseling Center, there are some limitations to the psychiatric services available in the Counseling Center. These include:

  • Appointments with the psychiatrist are by counselor referral only, following the Center’s normal initial assessment process.  Students are not permitted to schedule initial appointments with the psychiatrist without first being seen for assessment by a staff counselor.
  • The psychiatrist is unable to manage medications beyond a student’s course of short-term therapy. The psychiatrist and counselor will work to identify off-campus resources for on-going medication management following termination of brief treatment in the Center.
  • For students who are needing on-going psychiatric care or whose needs are beyond the Counseling Center’s scope of services, comprehensive referral assistance is provided.
  • The psychiatrist is not available to fill or refill prescription medications that have been prescribed by other medical providers (e.g., a student’s primary care physician or psychiatrist at home). In the event that a student is running low or out of medication, they should contact their current/most recent prescriber to obtain a refill. Consultation with a counselor is available to help identify options; however, students will not be referred to the psychiatrist in these situations.
  • The psychiatrist is not available for urgent medication evaluation. These concerns may be best addressed with the most recent prescriber or a local emergency department.
  • The psychiatrist is unable to prescribe controlled substances, including medications commonly prescribed for ADHD. Counselors are available for comprehensive referral services to connect students with psychiatrists in the Baltimore area.
  • If you are coming to Loyola already on psychotropic medication, you should maintain your established relationship with your psychiatrist to continue monitoring your medication as determined and agreed upon prior to leaving home for college. Many students are able to maintain their periodic medication follow-up appointments with their hometown physician. If you are needing to transfer psychiatric care to a Baltimore-area provider, please contact the Counseling Center for referral assistance. Sooner rather than later during the summer before beginning at Loyola is an optimal time to start this process. Counselors are available throughout the summer for consultation with students, parents, and mental health providers to assist in navigating this transition.
  • The psychiatrist does not work over the Winter or Summer breaks and therefore is unavailable for consultation or refills during this time.

Please contact the Counseling Center at 410-617-CARE (2273) for more information.