Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

What to Expect

So, you’re going to try counseling. Good!

It’s free. It’s confidential. And it’s easy to start.

To schedule an appointment, call 410-617-CARE or just stop by. We can usually schedule you to be seen within 1-5 days of your request, or same day if urgent.

We’re in Humanities 150: Enter door at bottom of ramp opposite Starbucks, then hook left up spiral stairs or go straight to the elevator, to the 1st floor. Come on in and head to our friendly Reception Desk, where you can schedule an appointment or check in for your session.

Your first session will be aimed mostly at getting to know you and your concerns. You’ll start with some brief paperwork, which a counselor then reviews before sitting down with you. Expect to feel significantly better after this session: you’ll have a new source of support, and you’ll have started dealing more effectively with what’s bothering you.

We offer both group and short-term individual counseling. Often we recommend group counseling as the most helpful first step. This might be a RIO workshop or one of our themed groups.

  • RIO (Recognition-Insight-Openness) Workshops: In three 1-hour sessions, a counselor will introduce basic concepts and strategies for approaching life’s problems, easing emotional pain and making changes. Feedback from Loyola students has been very positive.
  • Group Counseling: Led by one or two counselors, with typically 5-8 members, group sessions last 60-90 minutes and offer opportunities to talk confidentially about your concerns; share them with others who have similar challenges; receive support from group members and counselors; and learn alternative ways of looking at personal problems. We have received many positive comments from former group members about the impact of group counseling. Groups vary from year to year, but often include:
    • Understanding Self and Others: general relational issues
    • In, Out, and In Between: support group for students who identify as LGBTQIA* or are questioning their sexual or gender identity
    • Facing Loss: grief support group
    • Empower: relationships group for students of color
    • Plus others (Women's, Anxiety, Body Image, etc.), as needed.

  • Individual Counseling: Weekly or biweekly sessions with a professional counselor. Although many students may find their needs met through short-term individual counseling, those whose circumstances require longer-term support can be connected to therapists in the community.

Referral off-campus for ongoing treatment:  When circumstances require more frequent or open-ended counseling than the Counseling Center can provide, a counselor can help get you connected with a private therapist off-campus. The counselor will assist you with identifying an off-campus provider that fits your counseling needs, preference around use of insurance benefits, and transportation considerations. In addition, we can assist you with making phone calls to schedule your first appointment with the new provider. We will then continue to meet with you and support you while you get connected, and we will remain available to you in case of a crisis if you can’t meet sooner with your private therapist.

Bottom line: We’re friendly, professional, confidential, free, and here to help you!