Loyola University Maryland

The Office of Digital Teaching & Learning

Course Design

Preparing to teach, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming.

And that is what we are here for. The Office of Digital Teaching and Learning is here to help you design the most effective and efficient course, and teach you how to do that. 

Drawing from the framework of backwards design, this page outlines pedagogical tools and resources to help and guide you as you prepare to teach your course. Whether your course is in-person, online, or hybrid, we are here to help you design your course, and will try to cater to your exact needs.

Loyola University Maryland Course Design Resources
Teaching Online - The ever-increasing demand for online/hybrid courses may never be met, but we will try our best.
Accessibility - What were guidelines are now laws. Keep your courses accessible for all. 

Tutorials from Everywhere Else
Carnegie Mellon - Design and Teach Your Course: This site provides a helpful overview and tools for designing and teaching your course.
Carleton College - Course Design Tutorial: The gold standard of course design tutorials.
UWash Course Design: A good introduction to course design
ADA Compliance for Online Course Design: A crucial tutorial to follow for accessibility from EDUCAUSE