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This page is designed to help answer all your questions about teaching online for the Fall 2020 semester.

We greatly appreciate you working through each step in order, before reaching out for live support.

NOTE: If you need help with gaining access to your Loyola accounts (e.g., password help), accessing software, or accessing hardware (such as laptops, microphones, etc.), please reach out to the Office of Technology Support.

Step 1: Summer Professional Development Opportunities

These two opportunities were developed by the staff and colleagues of the ODTL to help our faculty better prepare for the unconventional semester of Fall 2020. This is for both beginners and advanced technology users.

Teaching Competencies in the Digital Era

InformationThis online course will introduce you to ideas and practices that will help you create active and engaged digital learning environments. While this course is designed for you to progress through it with colleagues on a predetermined timeline, feel free to modify the schedule as needed to meet your needs. Enroll now!


Uncharted Waters: The Flipped Classroom and Other Strategies

Information: Three steps to maximize high-touch learning experiences this fall. This booklet is jam-packed with various strategies to use for this semester, for all course delivery methods.

Step 2: Template and Training Courses

Course Template

The ODTL is providing a template as a university-wide effort meant to assist faculty as they transition their courses to digital formats and to help students have the most consistent experiences learning in the digital environment.

The template has been designed specifically to save you time and help you more effectively create an organized digital learning experience for your students.

The template is currently in place in all Fall 2020 courses.


Quick Start Course

Audience: Anyone who is ready to customize their course for the fall semester!
InformationA step-by-step guide, hosted in Moodle, on how to best utilize and customize their course, using the template in your Fall 2020 courses. You can self-enroll in this course using the link above.


Online Digital Training Course

Audience: Anyone who knows how to access Moodle/Zoom but needs more information about using it more effectively.
Information: Resources organized to ensure you have just the information you need to get started working online. This is organized in a Moodle course, so you must self-enroll using the link above.


Step 3: Tips for Teaching & Troubleshooting

Webinar Sessions

Audience: For anyone who is looking to take their online teaching to the next level.
Information: Covering various topics about various online pedagogical strategies, as well as tips and tricks on tools supported by the ODTL.

7 Strategies for Successful Synchronous Sessions
Wednesday 3/25, 12:30pm ET

The benefits of synchronous learning include learners who are more engaged, feel strongly connected to their peers, and are motivated to continue interactions. However, running a successful synchronous session can be daunting. Learn research-based strategies and best practices for hosting and creating an effective synchronous learning experience via Zoom.

- Link for Recording
- Link for Presentation Slides

What The Final (WTF): 
Ideas for Transitioning your Final Online 
Wednesday 4/1, 12:30pm ET; hosted by Patrick Dempsey

In this webinar, we cover three areas to help get you and your class ready for finals!

1. Traditional Assessment: Learn what is and is not possible within Moodle and using our current technologies. And understand how to use some simple techniques to allow you to conduct a more traditional assessment online.

2. Alternative Assessments: Consider alternative methods for assessment that allow students to demonstrate their understanding outside traditional exams.

3. Library Support: Learn how the library can provide support to you and your students for final projects and exams that require access to library resources.

- Link for Recording
- Link for School of Education presentation
- Link for LNDL presentation


Get a Grip on Grading: Tips for spending less time grading and giving feedback
Hosted by the ODTL and the School of Education

In this webinar, we will cover three areas to help make your grading life easier!

  1. Setting up your Gradebook in Moodle (it is actually easier than Excel!)
  2. Creating and using rubrics and grading guides (helping you grade faster and more consistently)
  3. Grading and giving feedback in Moodle (so you can stop downloading papers!)

- Link for Recording

Tips for Continuation of Teaching

Audience: We have connected with some of Loyola's excellent faculty members to help us out, and give us further insight from a faculty member perspective.
InformationCovering various topics about various online pedagogical strategies, as well as tips and tricks on tools supported by the ODTL. 

Check back later for more videos!

Step 4: Partnering with your Colleagues

Audience: For faculty who want to see and hear more about the practical uses for these tools and pedagogical strategies. 
Information: Ask a leader in your department to enroll you in one of their courses! Or you can connect with one of our Faculty Online Liaisons. They can help you:

  1. Understand the differences between teaching face-to-face and online
  2. Transition your in-class lectures to engaging online content
  3. Create effective online discussions
  4. Create meaningful online assessments
  5. Share other tips, tricks, and know-how from their digital teaching experiences


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Step 5. Email us 

For faculty who need further assistance, you can always email us at odtl@loyola.edu, and we will get back to you as soon as we can during business hours.