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Online Teaching


There are several tools available to help you build engaging course content. Moodle, our learning management system (LMS), is a tool for creating dynamic websites for your students. You may use it simply as a repository of resources. However, Moodle provides a place for all of your course materials, including tools for communication and activities: course readings, recorded lectures, informational websites, interactive forums, assignments and assessments. 

Guidelines for Online/Hybrid Course Development

Get Started with Online Teaching

Below are several tools to help you get started with online teaching. The Office of Digital Teaching & Learning will work with faculty to build your course.

To initiate this process please complete the Request Instructional Design Services form below.  It is also advised that faculty interested in exploring online teaching enroll in the self-paced modules that explore online and hybrid teaching, accessed through Moodle.

Additionally, any department that chooses to offer an online course (50% or more of instruction online) is required to complete the Summary of Course Activity form below. The form can assist in developing your online course and it is required to be approved and signed by your department chair. Once the form is completed and signed it should be sent to Debbie Miller (dherman@loyola.edu), Associate Director, Records and Westley Forsythe (wforsythe@loyola.edu), Academic Compliance Officer in Academic Affairs. Ideally the form should be completed and submitted in conjunction with the Master Schedule that is submitted to Records each semester.

Note: Departments cross listing courses must monitor any unendorsed distance learning program to ensure that it does not exceed the 50% threshold. Submission of the Summary of Course Activity form is required for courses in programs that have not been approved as distance education programs in which 50% or more of the instruction occurs via distance education.

Note: the Office of Digital Teaching & Learning are not the ultimate deciders of what goes online. It must go through your department chair, Records, and Academic Affairs, before the course can officially be listed as an online course.

Consequently, the SCA is not required for any courses in the following programs:

  • M.A. Emerging Media
  • M.Ed. Educational Technology
  • MBA

The Detailed Content Calculator, created by Dr. Neil Alperstein, professor in the Loyola Communications Department, is a very useful tool to help you determine the amount of time students are engaged with course content and activities.