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Teaching Online

Interested in teaching online? It's just three quick steps away!


Course Development Form

  1. If you'd like to start the instructional design process to teach online, please complete the Course Development Form above. Once we have received this form, the office will take a look at it, and then get in touch with you.

    Moodle is heavily used in our course development process. If you'd like get started with Moodle, or to gain a better understanding, please head to our Resources page.

  2. Once that form is submitted and the ODTL has assessed the situation, you will be contacted by the team to set up a preliminary discussion, covering the basics of your course and what you are trying to accomplish with this course. If everything makes sense for both parties, you will be sent a Work for Hire agreement by the director of the ODTL. This must be signed before any further steps are done.

    This form is not sent prior to having a discussion with our team.

  3. After the Work for Hire agreement is signed by the faculty member and sent back to the ODTL, you will be assigned an instructional designer and you will be connected to them by the Associate Director. This begins the course development process!

Some basic information/tips:

  • Our development process takes roughly six months.
  • We start developing courses roughly ten months in advance.
    • Example: for courses to launch for the summer semester, development will start the prior October. We like to give the course a lot of time to develop, to accommodate for everyone's busy schedule.
  • Throughout the development process, you will meet with your instructional designer once a week.
  • While our instructional designers (IDs) are very capable, this is very much a collaborative process. You are required to do work outside of your meetings with the ID. Make sure you have the time available in your schedule to go through with this process!