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Want to hear some bright ideas?

What are the best uses for the campus technologies available to me…and why? What tools will most help students succeed in my course? What tools can help save me time and effort?

Get the answers to these questions—and many more—at the season’s series of presentations. Join your Loyola colleagues for TechTalk: Educational Technology for Faculty, by Faculty. 


Our Latest TechTalk: with Tuugi Chuluun, Assistant Professor, Finance

Tuugi was tired of having messy recordings of her notes in her classes. Through some collaborative think sessions with the Office of Educational Technology, Tuugi found a perfect piece of technology to capture her notes, and share them with her class.


March: Partnering with the Library- Beyond Books and Journals

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Date / Time: Thursday, March 24, 2016 10am-11am
Presented by: Jennie Ray, M.L.S., and Emily Gorman, M.L.I.S. 

The Loyola Notre Dame Library provides much more than just books, articles, and spectacular views of campus. In this session, Research and Instruction librarians discuss less familiar database features and web tools to aid your research and publishing, and to elevate your students’ learning experiences. Join us to learn how you can collaborate with the library to meet crucial goals for teaching and scholarship.

FALL 2015

November: Online and Hybrid Workshop

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Date / Time: Friday the 13th, November, 2015
Presented by: Professors Ravikanth Srinivasan, Lisa Schoenbrodt

This summer several Loyola professors and administrators convened across our three campuses to learn tips, tricks, and techniques for adding online technologies to their teaching. A dozen faculty members took the intensive two weeks to learn to develop online courses and materials that are pedagogically sound, relevant, and useful. Find out how it went, and what they got from the experience. This cohort of educators weighed the merits of the various tools before creating useful course materials for this semester. 

October: Snow's Coming! Make a Video

Watch the Session: Introduction from Ed Tech | Main Presentation

Date/ Time: October 8, 11am - 12pm
Presented by: Natalie Janiszewski, School of Education - Education Specialties

Are you prepared for a snow closing? How do you stay on schedule when Maryland is under six inches of snow and campus closes? Video lectures make a great option for keeping on schedule. Find out what’s out there and how to get started quickly and easily. We’ll cover Panopto, Youtube, Camtasia and a few other useful tools.

September: Get Re-Introduced to Moodle - Watch Full Playlist Now
As classes begin, let's take another look at how our colleagues across Loyola use Moodle. There's no right way to do it. Moodle can be used as a warehouse to store all course materials, as a location for tests and quizzes only, or take advantage of the interactive applications available to our community; like VoiceThread.
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Sara Magee video PreviewIn the Communications Department, Professor Sara Magee uses several innovative tools to increase communicaiotn in her Moodle courses. CampusPack Web 2.0 helps to engage students, build communication, and share ideas. VoiceThread allows students to have conversations in the cloud.

  • Introduction to Campus Pack
  • Embed Video in Campus Pack
  • VoiceThread Quick Start Guide
Leah Saal video previewProfessor Leah Saal takes full advantage the Moodle interface. In addition to maximizing accessibility, she uses Moodle for both community education and instruction. It's a great warehouse to host educational materials, references, and supplementary materials, "Everything is on Moodle!"

Professor Greg Stefanelli talks about Discussion Forums

Online discussions are an effective way to start conversations in the classroom.

Professor Greg Stefanelli found the key to foster real, substantive dialogue in his computer science and engineering classes;

 Moodle Discussions.

  • Intro to Moodle Forums
  • Easy Moodle Discussion Forums
Professor Jason Cherubini talks about using Adobe Connect with Study Abroad students.Adobe Connect Makes Synchronous Possible

Professor Jason Cheribini uses Adobe Connect to lead classes here in Baltimore and around the world. Students attend classes on their laptops and mobile devices.
TechTalk from the Faculty Technology Center - Archived Sessions


Adobe Connect for Training

Adobe Connect for Learning
Presented by Joanne Helouvry: Loyola- Notre Dame Library

If you missed the webinar or want to view it again, watch it now.

Survey Success with Qualtric
Presented by Salvatore Lenzo: Sellinger Business School | October 2014 - View the Webinar, Today!

Lessons Learned: Our First Fully Online Program
Presented by Professors Elliot King, Neil Alperstein and Instructional Technologist Sue Monthie | January 2014 - Watch the full session on Panopto.

Make Moodle Work for You
Presented by Professor Jean Lee Cole: Department of English | September 2013 - View Presentation 

Quality Instructional Design for Online/Hybrid
Presented by Professor Peter Rennert-Ariev: Department of Education Specialties | October 2013 - View the Prezi Slideshow

One and Done: Use FAQs and Walkthroughs as Time-Saving Learning Tool
Presented by Professor Jason Cherubini: Sellinger School of Business | Novermber 2012 - View PowerPoint Presentation

Creative Assessments
Presented by Professor Wendy Chia-Smith:  School of Education | December 2012 - Watch  on Adobe Connect