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Student Support

All current students at Loyola University Maryland are provided with access to powerful, cutting-edge technologies, which are an integral part of the Loyola curriculum. These are some resources to help lead you through how to install, use, and become proficient in a variety of our most commonly-used applications and software. If you need any more assistance, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Technology Services.

Moodle Orientation for Students


Moodle is Loyola’s Learning Management System which professors use to communicate and share resources with students in their courses. Learn how to make the most of this incredibly useful educational technology tool.

  • Getting to Know Moodle
  • Panopto

    Panopto provides lecture capture and multimedia podcasts. Capture your voice, computer screen, additional camera in the room, and PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations. Panopto’s robust analytics give detailed reports on student engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.

  • Watching Panopto Videos
  • Taking a Panopto Quiz
  • Viewing and Adjusting Video Captions
  • FlipGrid

    FlipGrid is a simple tool that enables asynchronous video discussion.

  • Getting Started: FlipGrid for Students
  • Using the FlipGrid App
  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a communication platform, similar to Slack. It allows for quick messages, video chatting, and many more ways of connecting with others at Loyola

  • Connecting with Teams as a student
  • Students Guide to Technology
  • VoiceThread

    VoiceThread bridges the gap between real-time discussions and standard video lectures or online presentations. This makes VoiceThread the platform for teaching, learning, training, and collaborating, on-demand. Take your class discussion forum to the next level!

  • VoiceThread for Students
  • VT Activities and Assignments
  • How to Comment
  • Create a VoiceThread
  • Access Problem/Account Verification Page
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Zoom Web Conferencing

    Your instructor may use Zoom video web conferencing to hold synchronous (real-time) class sessions. Students can also create free Zoom accounts to host their own meetings.