Loyola University Maryland

The Office of Digital Teaching & Learning

Quick Start Guide

How do I share my webcam?

  1. The meeting host may ask you to use your webcam to share video. When this is the case, a button enabling you to share your webcam will appear on the video pod. To share your camera, make sure your web cam is plugged in and click the Share My Webcam button. Adobe Flash may prompt you for permission. After granting permission, a webcam video preview appears. If you’re happy with the preview, click Start Sharing to share your video with all participants. You can also click the webcam icon  in the Application Bar to access your webcam and preferences.

How do I speak using my microphone?

  1. In the main menu bar, click the microphone button . As you speak, sound waves appear in the button icon, indicating audio level.
  2. (Optional) To the right of the microphone button, click the menu button , and choose Adjust Mic Volume if you are too loud or quiet. Or choose Mute My Mic to temporarily stop broadcasting (for a cough or other interruption).
  3. When an attendee is broadcasting audio, the microphone icon  is displayed next to their name in the Attendees pod.

How do I provide feedback to the students or change my status to step away?

  1. Within a meeting, you can also change your status to provide feedback to the presenter and other attendees. To change your status, click the arrow on the Status Options drop-down list on the Application Bar and select your desired status option. [insert screen shot of drop down menu] If you select an option above the line such as Agree or Step Away, you status remains until you choose Clear Status.
  2. If you choose an option below the line such as Speed Up or Applause, your status automatically clears itself after a number of seconds. When you set your status, an icon appears next to your name in the Attendees pod.