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Flipgrid is a social learning platform that allows educators to ask a question, then the students respond in a video. Students are then able to respond to one another, creating a “web” of discussion." It is a wonderful platform to create an asynchronous video discussion, or to allow students to create short video presentations (ten minutes or less).

FlipGrid does not integrate into Moodle, but you can easily share a link to your FlipGrid activity using the label or URL tool in Moodle. To access FlipGrid, please head to flipgrid.com. You can record and view all videos from there. Please look below for details on how to log-in.

  • View: A short GIF on how to log into Flipgrid using your Loyola credentials (20 seconds)
  • View: A short GIF on how to add a grid in FlipGrid (20 seconds)
  • View: A short GIF on how to add a topic to your grid in FlipGrid (20 seconds)
  • Read: A thorough tutorial on how to use FlipGrid and what the various terms mean