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Moodle is Loyola’s Learning Management System which professors use to communicate and share resources with students in their courses. Moodle provides an easy to use system that integrates with the University student information system. Use Moodle to build your course webpage, share important reference materials, and increase interaction with collaborative tools that keep students engaged in and out of the classroom. Learn how to make the most of this incredibly useful educational technology tool.

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Here are some basic tutorial courses to help you get started:

  • Online Digital Training Course - the essentials in how to utilize Moodle for your own course. We cover the very basics (how to organize your course, how to edit your course, etc.), and get into some of the more advanced uses (Gradebook, Panopto, etc.)
  • Navigating a course homepage - a thorough page of documentation going over all the facets of a Moodle page. A little dense, but helpful for the more advanced users!
  • Accessibility in Moodle - Some helpful tips on how to make your Moodle course more accessible, courtesy of eThink.


For more support, here are some of our most commonly requested tutorials/guides: