Loyola University Maryland

The Office of Digital Teaching & Learning

Getting Started with Panopto & Moodle

Panopto provides lecture capture and multimedia podcasts. Capture your voice, computer screen, additional camera in the room, and PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations. Panopto’s robust analytics give detailed reports on student engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.

The first steps to getting started with Panopto is in Moodle.

  • Open your course in Moodle and Turn Editing on
  • Locate the Panopto Block and hit the Configuration icon (cog)
  • When the page refreshes, select “Add this course to Panopto”
  • Hit the back to config link, then Save Changes
  • You should have the correct permissions now to view and manage your Panopto recordings.

In your course that you have just provisioned Panopto for, on the main page will be the Panopto Block. At the bottom of the block, you will see a link where you can download the Panopto Recorder. There is a version for Mac and Windows users.

  • Once you have installed the Recorder on your computer…
  • Open the Panopto Recorder Application on your computer.
  • When it loads you may be already logged in. LOG OUT.
  • Select the “Log in with Moodle” button.
  • Don’t log in here with Panopto, as you won’t have access to your course folder.  NOTE: Your server URL is always Loyola.hosted.panopto.com
  • Click “OK” in the pop-up windows that appear until the Moodle login window displays.
  • Login with your Moodle credentials

You can now record videos in Panopto, and they will be synced with your courses in Moodle! To find out the basics on how to record, please head to our tutorial.