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Recording Basics

Have you downloaded the Panopto Recorder?

Before you record, first login to Panopto–this allows you to automatically upload your recorded session once complete. If you do not login, your recording will be saved locally on your computer until you choose to upload it.

Open the Panopto Recorder and choose Login

  • Windows: Login Using Moodle > login using your Loyola login credentials
  • Mac: Server is loyola.hosted.panopto.com > Provider is always Moodle > login using your Loyola login credentials


Once logged in,  set what folder you wish to create this new recording in.

  • Click on Folder and chooses the correct course from the drop-down menu
  • Then select  exactly what you would like to record ‚ó¶PowerPoint or Keynote (mac) presentation
    • Video capture device such as a webcam or video camera.
    • Audio device: this could be the same device as your video if it has a built in mic, or a usb microphone. test your audio settings before you record.

Note: You must select at least audio or video in order for the recording to be complete and usable without additional recordings.


In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched PowerPoint, you must have it in full screen presentation mode.

  • Screen Capture Settings:
    • Windows Settings: to adjust screen capture resolution simply click the drop down menu to the right of “Max Resolution” and choose the resolution you desire. You can also adjust the bit and frame rate per second by dragging the sliders to the right > Click Apply to save changes.
    • Mac Settings: Choose the Panpto Recorder drop-down in the top menu bar > select preferences. Move the video frame rate and green capture frame rate sliders to the right for high-quality video recordings > Hit OK to save changes
  • Record Button starts the capture,record, pause, and stop buttons
  • Stop Button on the recorder will stop the recording and close it out. It will then begin to upload the recording to the folder you had chosen.
  • Pause button will in a sense Pause your recording. However, everything Panopto does is non-destructive. Which basically means, even though you’ve paused your video, it will continue to record, but will not show up in the final version on the website. You can, however go into the editor and get this recorded time back if you, for example, forgot to un-pause and didn’t get the end of your recording.


Once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording, you will be taken to the recording status page. It shows you:

  • Offline Recordings are recordings that you have not yet picked a folder for, so they are just on your computer.
  • Currently Uploading will show the video that you just completed and it’s status.
  • Uploaded will show the recordings that you have already recorded, picked a folder for, and uploaded to the server.
  • You can see that it is possible to delete recordings. If they have been uploaded already, you can delete local and the recording will still be located on the server.
    If you delete a recording that has not yet been uploaded, that recording will be lost.