Loyola University Maryland

The Office of Digital Teaching & Learning

Voicethread Being Retired

What is happening?

As of ____________, Loyola University Maryland will be ending our license with VoiceThread. All university users accessing VoiceThread through Moodle will no longer be able to access their university-provided VoiceThread account.

Why is this happening?

While VoiceThread was an innovative tool for interactive presentations when it was brought it to Loyola, we now have other tools that can better accomplish what VT was intended for, while also saving the university some money by using Microsoft-based tools.

What is replacing it?

We have a variety of tools to replace VoiceThread that are already in place. We will break them down by their function:

  • To provide a narrated set of slides: Panopto
    • Panopto is Loyola's lecture capture solution. It can be used at any workstation on any of Loyola's campuses, but it also can be downloaded to be used on any Loyola or personal laptop/computer. You can record short videos alongside your Powerpoint, to help provide intentional, directed content for your students to view.
  • To facilitate asynchronous video-based discussion: FlipGrid
    • FlipGrid elevates discussion forums by providing teacher and student-created videos, that are threaded as discussions. Teachers can create a "grid" about a specific topic, and create a video or document to help facilitate and lead conversation. This can replace VoiceThread's video comment functionality, one of the more popular uses of VT.

What about my existing VoiceThreads?

I...completely forgot. I think everything is lost because we don't have any download "credits"? People can use free accounts?