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Boulder 2.0 wins Honorable Mention from NACUFS

Boulder 2.0 was a new addition to Loyola University's campus in September 2017 with the addition of Hot Deli, Mediterranean Salad Bar and the ever popular Sunny Side (egg station). The concept won Honorable Mention in Residential Dining Concept for the 2018 Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards by NACUFS. Read all about Boulder 2.0. 



Eggs Take Center Stage with All-day Breakfast

Loyola University Maryland took a new approach to all-day breakfast with an egg-focused concept on their Sunny Side Station in Boulder 2.0. Read the article, "Eggs take center stage with all-day breakfast" by FoodService Director. (November 2017)

20 Bowls to Try Now

At Loyola University's Green Peel location, acai bowls are a quick way to fuel up for the day. Read the article, "20 Bowls to Try Now" by Food Management.  


Rokerthon: Al Roker gets to know Loyola University Maryland by NBC Today Show

As Rokerthon continues, Al Roker gets to know the campus of Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. He gets acquainted with some of its students and even visits the cafeteria kitchen, which serves a special breakfast from midnight to 2 a.m.! Al interviewed Parkhurst supervisor Terry Peele about the midnight breakfast! (March 2017)

Al Roker with Group


Everything You Need to Know About Green Peel's New Açaí Bowls

Green Peel is now serving Acai Bowls. Not only are acai bowls delicious, but they are extremely healthy, being that the acai berry is a considered a Brazilian superfood. Come check them out at Green Peel and try one of the six new Acai Bowls on the menu. Read the article, "Everything You Need to Know About Green Peel's New Açaí Bowls" by Spoon U. (February 2017)

What's New in Iggy's Market: Locally Grown and Produced Foods

Read the article, "What's New in Iggy's Market: Locally Grown and Produced Foods" by Spoon U.  (November 2016)

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