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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use a meal swipe?

A meal swipe can be used for an idealMEAL at Iggy's for breakfast, lunch and dinner or in Boulder for breakfast and lunch. A meal swipe can also be used in Boulder on nights and weekends for all you care to eat dining.

Where can I use my meal plan points?

Meal plan points can be used to purchase items at any of the retail locations on campus including: Wraps & Bowls, Coldspring Sushi, Starbucks, Red Mango, Flannery Market, Iggy's groceries, Sellinger On the Go and more. Meal plan points can also be used at all campus dining locations. Each meal plan point is equivalent to one dollar.

How can I check my meal swipe balance?

Students can now check their meal swipe balance online. To begin, visit https://inside.loyola.edu/ and go into WebAdvisor and click on User Account. You will be able to check your balances through the Board Meal Plan Information link.

What do I need to say to the person at the register to make sure that my purchase comes off as a meal and not my meal plan points?

Cashiers will assume you are using a meal swipe if you are in a location that accepts meal swipe. You can always remind cashiers that you would like to use a meal swipe, just to be sure.

Can I use my mandatory meal plan points at off-campus vendors like Miss Shirley’s and CVS?

No, meal plan points need to be spent at on-campus venues. The Evergreen account will still be available for students who wish to deposit money to be used off-campus, at the bookstore, in vending machines, etc.

Do the meals and meal plan points carry over from semester to semester?

If you get block plans with 125 meals, you get 125 meals for the semester, they do not carry over.
If you get 9 meals/week, you can't get more than 9 meals a week and they will not carry over.
If you put meal plan points on your card, they will carry over from fall semester to spring semester, but whatever is not used by May will not carry over to the following year.

When do meals reset for meals per week?

Meals per week reset between Saturday-Sunday, at midnight.

Who do I talk to if I have allergies or special dietary concerns?

Please contact our management team at dining@loyola.edu to set up a time to speak to one of our managers. We also have an Allergy Free Zone in Iggy’s and Boulder that excludes foods associated with common allergies such as gluten, nuts and dairy.

Can I change my dining plan mid-semester?

No. You can change your plan at the beginning of each semester, but you cannot change your plan mid-semester.

I have suggestions for how to make the dining options better. How can I get involved or give feedback?

Please email dining@loyola.edu so that we can speak with you.

How many weeks are there in a semester?

Each semester has 15 weeks

How much does it cost to eat in Boulder for All You Care to Eat (AYCE) if I don’t have a meal plan?