Loyola University Maryland

Disability Support Services

Helpful Links

Visit the following links for employment opportunities and information:

- Information on Disclosure:

  • National Collaborative Workforce on Disability describes disclosure from how and when one should disclose information in order to ensure they receive proper accommodations in their workplace environment.
  • Choose Work provides information that pertains to disclosure of disability, including the benefits it can provide in the workplace.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a great resource for those seeking to understand their employment rights through workplace accommodation laws.

- Mentorship and Networking information:

  • National Disability Mentoring Coalition is a great resource for students and recent graduates with disabilities to connect with professionals for opportunities in the job fields of their interest.
  • Disability In offers an expansive assortment of opportunities, including a 6-month career mentoring program for students and recent graduates with a disability.

- Internship Opportunities:

  • American Association of People with Disabilities provides many different internship opportunities for students and recent graduates with a disability. Students who have worked within the program have been afforded internship opportunities in congressional offices, federal agencies, and in other profit and non-profit organizations.

- Federal Job Opportunities:

  • The Department of Justice provides great information for how individuals with a disability seeking employment can do so through the “Schedule A” resource. 
  • The Department of Labor connects college students and recent graduates with both federal and private sector employers across the nation. Positions fulfilled through this program include both internship level and and full-time positions. 

Additional information on employment can be found on the Loyola Career Center Resources page.