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How to Create an Introduction Video



How to Create an Introduction Video

This new one-on-one workshop provides faculty and staff with an outline of the media tools that can facilitate video creation, with the end goal being an introduction video for one of your fall courses. In these hands-on sessions, our instructional media developer will work with you to identify what you’d like to accomplish in this video, and will choose the appropriate tools needed to plan, create, and produce the video. The goal is to create one introduction video for a specific course, but the hope is that you will learn how to create engaging media rich content for your courses in the future.

In these sessions, faculty will learn best practices for video creation, how to capture and edit video in our recording studio, and the best way to host and share video at Loyola. There will be three sessions, with “homework” after each one: 

  1. The first session is the pre-production phase: with our instructional media developer, the faculty member will outline their goals for the video, and we will decide on which tools will work best for the situation. This session can be done in-person or remotely via Skype for Business.
    1. After this initial session, the faculty will be required to prepare for the filming: outlining, storyboarding, and scripting. This is necessary to make the filming session go as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  2. The second session will be the filming session. This will take place in our recording studio, (Knott Hall 106) where we have all of the audio and video equipment you may need, as well as any software that might be needed to capture your sources.
    1. After the second session, the faculty will be required to view the Camtasia tutorial videos, to prepare and get acquainted with the application beforehand.
  3. The third session (which may be combined with the second session into one long session) is the post-production phase. This is where you will learn how to assemble all of your footage into a cohesive video. We will go over basic editing in Camtasia (Mac or Windows), and go over the best practices for hosting your videos here at Loyola. While the whole video may not be edited in one session, the lessons you will learn from this session will give you a big start.

Through these sessions, faculty will learn how to develop, organize, produce, and edit video, and become familiar with video production equipment and techniques.





Canon XA30 (camcorder)

Mac Editing Suite

Logitech C920 (webcam)

Lighting Kit

Canon XA10 (camcorder)

Windows Editing Suite

Blue Yeti Mic (USB Mic)


Audio Technica Lavalier (clip-on mic)

Camtasia for Windows and Mac

USB Document Camera

Green Screen (available upon request)