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Office of Educational Technology

Technology Research Grant

Loyola Faculty teach online


The purpose of this grant is to provide faculty with an opportunity to fund technology needed to support their ongoing research efforts.  

Program Eligibility

At this time the program is open to all full-time faculty members teaching at Loyola University Maryland.


  • Provide faculty with access to the technology required to pursue their research agenda 
  • Meet the technology needs of individual faculty research projects
  • Allow faculty to purchase additional computing resources that may increase their research productivity
  • Ensuring faculty can meet the requirements of confidentiality agreements to secure confidential data


The expected outcome of this project is the integration and/or use of the purchased technology into new or ongoing research projects with the goal of facilitating the research.


Faculty should submit a proposal, roughly 2-3 pages, detailing the technology needed and how it will contribute to their research. The application deadline is January 15th. *

Applications will be reviewed by members of Technology Services and a subgroup of the Academic Technology Committee. Decisions and contact about those decisions will be made by February 1st.

*The first year of this program we will have two application deadlines, July 15th 2015 and January 15, 2016. Funds will be split between these two dates. Ongoing the deadline for submission will be January 15th.

  1. Faculty will be provided up to $3,000 for the purchase of hardware and software. If the cost of the project will exceed $3,000, please provide a statement verifying the additional amount has been secured through another source. Any purchases made with the grant funding will remain the property of Loyola University.
  2. Faculty members agree to present their project results and/or how they are implementing the technology in their research.  This could be accomplished by presenting at faculty development events, Technology Services sponsored Tech Talk, through a write-up published on the FTC webpage, being featured on Loyola sponsored internal and external websites, or other agreed upon means of sharing information with the community.

Application Instructions

Complete the form below. Be sure to attach a description of your project goals or research agenda’s goals (roughly 2-3 double spaced pages) and the Cover Sheet with completed Chair and Dean sign off . Please mention how this extra computational ability will strengthen your research.

In your description please use the following sections: 

  1. Description of Project/ Research Agenda
  2. Requested Technology and Software
  3. How Technology will Assist Research Agenda
Plan for Sharing Knowledge with the Loyola Community

Review and Selection

The application will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of the Office of Educational Technology, Associate Director of Office of Technology Support and a subgroup of the Academic Technology Committee (ATC). The review will be to determine project alignment with University goals and to determine what resources are necessary and available. Additional evaluation criteria are:

  • How the equipment would facilitate research, e.g. increasing the efficiency of research, facilitating new problems to be solved, providing greater compliance with safety/security/confidentiality needs, etc.
  • Feasibility of the project, cost and effort, as determined by the Office of Educational Technology, and Office of Technology Support

Give your project a name.
Estimate the amount of funds needed to perform this grant request (up to $3,000 for the Research Grant).
Upload Faculty Research Grant Cover Sheet

Upload the completed and signed Faculty Research Grant Cover Sheet Form.