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Equity and Inclusion at Loyola

Approach to the Work

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The OEI uses a developmental approach to support individual and system growth toward fuller awareness, knowledge, skills, action, and advocacy related to cultural identities, antiracist stances, and equitable and inclusive behaviors and communities. This approach requires a variety of activities, programs, and events that meet departments, divisions, units, and individuals where they are and offers scaffolded learning opportunities that facilitate growth.  Importantly, all goals of the OEI have clear measures of success and alignment with a developmental model undergirding the OEI vision that focuses on individual social identity development that works toward connection with something bigger, and results in the vision and realization of an inclusive society.

Developmental Framework

We will be working toward systemic change through the lens of a model of Bloom's Taxonomy created by: Rex Heer, Iowa State University, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Updated January, 2012. This framework is made up of three key focus areas:

  • Individual Social Identity Development (Understanding)
  • Part of Something Bigger than Oneself (Reflecting, Discerning, and Applying)
  • Vision of an Intentionally Inclusive Society (Creating Something New)

President’s Advisory Council on Equity and Inclusion

The President’s Advisory Council on Equity and Inclusion was established in 2017 with a mission of educating leaders, both at and produced by Loyola, for a diverse and changing world with a commitment to diversity as a necessary component of academic excellence. Made up of administrators, faculty, and staff; and informed by student leaders on the advisory boards, the President’s Advisory Council explores and issues recommendations to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University. The Council’s aim is to foster a both diverse and welcoming atmosphere at Loyola by spearheading and collaborating with university partners on initiatives.

In January 2020, the President’s Council moved into the role of advisory board to the university’s chief equity and inclusion officer and integrative leadership of the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Membership and Subcommittees

2020-22 President’s Advisory Council on Equity and Inclusion Members

Name  Department/Division
Seán Bray Director, Campus Ministry
Rev. Timothy Brown, S.J. Associate Professor, Information Systems Law and Operations
Rita Buettner Director, University Communications
Marianna Carlucci, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology and Diversity Fellow for Academic Affairs
Michelle Cheatem Associate Vice President, Student Development
Tim Cherney Associate Director for Inclusion and Community Development
Gerald T. Ford Associate Director, Administration, Center for Community, Service, and Justice
Tracey Frey Program Director for Academic Assessment and Effectiveness
Sheila Graham, Ph.D. Associate Director, Counseling Center
Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Ph.D. Professor, Information Systems Law and Operations
Robert Kelly, Ph.D. Vice President and Special Assistant to the President
Jennifer Louden Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Jen Lowry, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology
Cheryl Moore-Thomas, Ph.D. Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer and Professor of Education, Council Chair
(Dr. Moore-Thomas is currently serving as Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to support a temporary shift in executive leadership roles until March 14, 2022—at which time she will resume her duties on the Council)
Scott McCabe Associate Director, Event Services
Rev. Bao Nguyen, S.J. Assistant Director of International Jesuit Collaborations
Rodney Parker, Ph.D. Assistant Dean, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
(Dr. Parker is currently serving as Acting Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer to support a temporary shift in executive leadership roles until March 14, 2022)
Kathleen Parnell Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Emalee Quickel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychology
Natalie Doyle Rizzi Executive Assistant, Advancement
Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Theology
Marcia Wiedefeld Director, Disability Support Services
Raven Williams Director, ALANA Student Services


Education and Assessment Inclusion and Accessibility Ignatian Citizenship
Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Co-chair Sean Bray, Co-chair Jen Lowry, Co-chair
Tracey Frey, Co-chair Raven Williams, Co-chair Natalie Doyle Rizzi, Co-chair
Tim Cherney Fr. Tim Brown Fr. Bao Nguyen, Co-chair
Marianna Carlucci Kathleen Parnell Rita Buettner
Emalee Quickel   Jennifer Louden
    Rob Kelly

Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Boards

During the summer of 2020, the undergraduate and graduate student communities launched boards to partner with the Office of Equity and inclusion and the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer and monitor and guide the University’s action steps and strategic plans for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Graduate Board on Racial Equity and Justice sits in the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) and serves as a formal avenue for graduate student voice and advocacy. The inaugural board was established and led by psychology doctoral students Nadia Alsamadi, Sanjita Ekhelikar, Candice Golembo, Michelle Mencia, and Lauree Stewart.

Under the leadership of Student Government President Nikki Wieman, ’21, the undergraduate Diversity Board was relaunched by executive team leaders Alyssa Doverte, Francisco Echaniz, and Venus Okwuka. Undergraduate students committed to growth, advocacy and action for diversity, equity, and inclusion apply for one-year appointments to the board.