Loyola University Maryland

Event Services

Event Spaces

Some spaces commonly chosen for hosting events:

McGuire Hall

McGuire Hall is a ballroom style event space located in the center of the University. It is an ideal space for large audience lectures, smaller bands, and formal sit-down meals. In-house screens also provide a perfect opportunity for powerpoints and videos.  The room divides into two halves using an removable wall for smaller events.

4th Floor Program Room

One of our most popular settings for events of all types, the 4th Floor Program Room is a beautiful space with lots of versatility. Located on the fourth floor of the Andrew White Student Center, the program room overlooks the campus with three walls of 15 foot windows. The beautiful hard wood ceiling and newly laid carpeting combine to give the space a classy and unique appeal. A space ideal for smaller sit-down dining events or high-class presentations, it is used daily for a wide variety of needs.

Hug Lounge and Refectory

The Hug Lounge and Refectory are both located on the ground floor of the Humanities Building, just off the Quad. Both rooms have the same old-world, Tudor charm that invite quiet conversation and classy celebrations. Perfect for intimate honorary functions, retirement parties, and rehearsal dinners, the Hug Lounge and Refectory provide a cozy setting for distinguished events.

Reitz Arena

Reitz Arena is not just an athletics arena. While it is home to our volleyball and basketball programs, it is used for so much more. The 3,000 capacity space is also used for such large scale events as nationally touring bands, school-wide liturgies, and alumni celebrations.

Alumni Chapel

While the primary use of our Chapel revolves around daily Mass and alumni weddings, there are events that find the Chapel to be the ideal location. A beautiful building with exceptional stained glass windows and striking color pallettes, the Chapel is also used for State of the University addresses, Lessons and Carols services, ROTC Commissioning, and the occasional liturgical drama.