Loyola University Maryland

Facilities and Campus Services

Background Checks

If the University is entering into a contract that requires a third party to:

    • Enter bathrooms, locker rooms, and/or residence halls (where students or employees might be)
    • Deal with financial information such as credit card transactions and/or any other highly sensitive information

The contract must have the following wording:

[Contractor] certifies that it has obtained satisfactory criminal history records checks and reference checks for all of its employees and agents who will be providing services under this Agreement. [Contractor] further agrees that it shall verify its certification contained in this Paragraph [x] in a signed writing delivered to [Loyola University Maryland, Inc.] prior to the commencement of this Agreement. [Contractor] further certifies that it shall obtain a criminal history records check and reference check before engaging any new employee(s) or agent(s) that [Contractor] wishes to hire or engage after the commencement of this Agreement who will provide services under this Agreement, and [Contractor] agrees to verify, in a writing forwarded or delivered to [Loyola University Maryland, Inc.], that such investigations were completed and the findings satisfactory.