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Faculty Development

Call to Teach in New Fernandez Center Classrooms

Academic Affairs is seeking proposals from faculty interested in teaching next year (21-22) in any of the new Fernandez Center’s high-flexibility, high-tech classrooms, which support our continuing priority areas: High-Impact Teaching, Equity and Inclusion, and Innovation. Because the classrooms are intended to promote high levels of interaction among students, their non-COVID capacities range from 16-30.*

The purpose of the Fernandez Center is to encourage interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and active learning, both within its classrooms and in other common-area “teaching/learning zones” throughout the building. Beyond the 13 “active learning” classrooms, the Fernandez Center will house the departments of Psychology, Sociology, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, and Teacher Education, as well as the Rizzo Career Center and the Center for Innovation.

Ideal candidates can demonstrate the following:

  • A willingness to take full advantage of all that the classrooms have to offer, including moveable tables and chairs, moveable instructor station, multiple projectors and screens that challenge the notion of a “front of the room”; state-of-the art instructional technology; and up-to-50%-glass walls that blur the boundaries between classrooms and common areas, between work that is done inside the classroom and work that is done outside it.
  • A current commitment to, or willingness to adopt, pedagogical methods that are innovative, collaborative, project-based, and discussion-oriented, but most of all, seek to engage students in their learning as fully as possible.
  • An openness to taking risks with pedagogical methods, experimenting, working alongside students, and being observed by others (see glass walls above).
  • That they currently teach—or are willing to design—courses that might reflect the purpose of the Fernandez Center, as described above.
  • Openness to looking at teaching, learning, student success, and assessment in new ways—and sharing ideas with other Fernandez Center faculty and staff.
  • Willingness to participate in pre-semester and, if needed, ongoing instructional technology training with OTS (Office of Technology Services) and ODTL (Office of Digital Teaching and Learning).

How to Apply

To apply to teach in the Fernandez Center, please carefully consider the purpose of the Fernandez Center and bulleted items above, along with the classroom illustrations and description of classroom technology attached to the call you received from Academic Affairs. When ready, please fill out the application form below.

The application timeframe is currently closed. The deadline for applications was Thursday, May 27, 2021.