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Army ROTC Scholarship

The U.S. Army is interested in selecting the best candidates for scholarships and ultimately commissioning as the future officer leadership of the U.S. Army. ROTC scholarships cover full tuition, fees, books and supplies. Recipients also receive a tax-free subsistence allowance each month that the recipient attends classes (up to 10 months each year): $300 freshman year, $350 sophomore year, $450 junior year and $500 senior year. Students who are awarded an ROTC Scholarship in their senior year of high school also receive additional grant assistance funded by Loyola University. This grant is renewed each year a cadet retains eligibility for the ROTC Scholarship.

In addition to the ROTC national scholarship competition (applied for during a student's senior year of high school), students may apply for a three or four year scholarship during their freshman year of college. Sophomores may apply for a two- or three-year scholarship and juniors may apply for a two-year scholarship. Students must be enrolled in a military science class in order to compete for a campus-based scholarship. Campus-based scholarships cover the same expenses as the national scholarships. However, students who are awarded the campus-based scholarship do not qualify for additional grant assistance funded by Loyola University.

The Army ROTC program provides an academically integrated curriculum intended to train college students as officers for the United States Army. Through military science, a student gains pertinent leadership and management skills while earning a college degree. ROTC cadets may pursue any course of study, except Theology.

For additional information, please call or write Loyola's department of military science at:

Department of Military Science
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210-2699

Visit the Loyola ROTC website.

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