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We highly recommend that you view the online training video and available guide available online!

Time Clock Instructions

There are time clocks positioned all around Loyola. Ask your supervisor which clock(s) you should use. In order to use a clock you must have your Loyola ID. The clocks are pretty easy to use.

Note:  If one clock is not working, please report it to the help desk at ext. 5555. You can clock in using another clock or simply alert your supervisor.

View a Video to Learn How to Use the Clocks.

Time clockClocking In

  1. Press green “Clock In” button.
  2. Swipe ID card, with magnetic bar facing to the right. 
  3. Press the "Yes/Enter" button. A green check mark will appear to the right of the display when completed successfully.

Clocking Out

  1. Press red "Clock Out" button.
  2. Swipe ID card, with magnetic bar facing to the right.
  3. Press the “Yes/Enter” button.

Missed a Clock Out?

The clock’s display will indicate that you are clocking in without previously clocking out. Push the Yes/Enter button. You will need to inform your supervisor who will need to fix the missed punch.

Need Help?

Contact the office of technology support at ext. 5555 or ots@loyola.edu.

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