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Supervisor FAQ

Q: I am a supervisor, but I also need to submit my time. How do I do that?

A: All that information is available on this website. Visit BOTH the supervisor and the appropriate employee area. You can make the selection from the home page.

Q: Why do I see two pay periods in the Time Entry screen?

A: Each new pay period begins on a Saturday at midnight.  If you did not check the box for your “electronic signature” indicating that your time sheet is complete, the previous pay period will display as an option on the first Time Entry screen for a period of time.  Go in to the completed pay period, verify your time then check the “electronic signature” box.  This overlap gives supervisors additional time to review and approve time for payroll.

Q: What is TimeClock Plus?

A:  Time Clock Plus is the vendor that supplies the Time Clocks that some employees use the clock in and out.

Q: Do I need to Select Clock Users and set Auto Lunch Deductions for all of my employees?

A: Yes, you need to set up both Clock Users and Auto Lunch Deduction for each of your employees when you first have access to the Web Advisor Time and Leave application. The good news is that once set, the system uses these setting until they are edited again.  

Q: One of my employees is out sick on Friday, the last day of the pay period, do I need to wait for him/her to return to complete the time sheet?

A: No, go ahead and fill in the sick time for the employee. You can also enter other hours if you know them.  

Q: After the pay period ends, how much time  do I have to approve my employee’s time?

A: You need to approve your time by noon on the Monday following the period end date. Please refer to the payroll schedule online for accelerated dates around holidays and closures.

Q: Can I approve an employee’s time before the pay period ends?

A: Yes, if their time sheet or work hours are complete and all hours have been submitted for the pay period. Additional hours cannot be added once time has been approved. 

Q: Employees are being told to see their supervisors for questions; where do I go for help?

A: For technical questions, please contact the Office of Technology Support at ots@loyola.edu or x5555. For payroll questions, please contact Jean Joyce at jjoyce1@loyola.edu or ex. 2622.

Q: I am an alternate supervisor; how will I know if I need to approve time as an alternate?

A: Your manager or the primary supervisor will let you know if you need to fill in.

Q: Oops! I approved my employee’s time by mistake!

A: No problem. You can reopen it up until the end of the approval period for the pay period. Just uncheck the 'M' box for Manager approval so that it is unapproved.

Q: Can I change my employee’s time?

A: Yes. When you do this, you are required to alert the employee via email, any hours that are changed will show a 'Y' under the edited column.

Q: What if I have questions about payroll policies or timekeeping procedures?

A: You can ask your supervisor or HR Generalist, or view the Payroll Policies Frequently Asked Questions. Another option is to look in the Staff and Administrator Policy Manual. This is also explained in further detail on the Compensation Guidelines Website section 3.12.

Q. What do I do if an employee transfers into my area of supervision?

A. You must notify HRIS immediately via the online form linked to from the bottom of the supervisor page. The accurate supervisor and alternate supervisor must be updated timely in order for the employee to be able to successfully enter time.

Q: Where are the Time Clocks?

A: As a supervisor, you must tell your employees which clocks they are permitted to clock-in on. The clocks are:

  • Facilities Building
    • Front entrance 
    • Rear entrance 
  • 5104 York Road
    • Campus Police Areas 
    • Printing 
  • College Center
    • Hallway near Equipment Room (through doors from College Center) 
    • Basement of College Center 
    • Events SCE 213 
  • FAC
    • 2nd Level Back Entrance 
    • Newman Towers 
    • Cold Spring Lane Entrance: East Tower 
    • Events Area: Newman Basement 
  • Campion
    • Rear Desk Area 
    • Front Desk Area 
  • Newman Towers
    • West Desk Only 
  • Hammerman
    • Front Desk 
  • Butler
    • Front Desk 
  • Flannery O’Connor
    • Flannery Top Entrance 
    • Flannery Bottom Entrance 
  • Ridley Athletic Complex
    • Campus Police Hallway 
    • Guest Services Office 
  • Graduate Centers
    • Timonium 
    • Columbia