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Undergraduate Fees

To make an online payment using the student's username and password, visit the WebAdvisor module at Inside Loyola

For those granted parent access, please visit Self Service to log in to the Parent Portal.  

Rates for 2023-2024 take effect with the summer semester.

Are you a full time student and have your Financial Aid Award letter?  Try the Bill Calculator to estimate your out of pocket expenses for the Fall/Spring semester.  

View the University's withdrawal refund policy.

Students with an active financial hold may not register, add/drop, receive transcripts/official grade reports/diplomas, and participate in graduation ceremonies.

Undergraduate Tuition and Room Rates
2023-2024 Academic Year 

23/FA 24/SP Total
Full Time  Flat Rate  $27,740   $27,740   $55,480 
Part Time (<12 credits)

$585 per credit (23/SU discounted rate)
$875 per credit (23/FA & 24/SP

Housing Damage Deposit* First Time Residential Students $45    $45 
Tuition Refund Plan All Full Time Students, can be waived starting 6/1 $TBD $TBD $TBD
Health Insurance All Full Time Students, can be waived  $TBD
Sr. Thea Bowman Hall
Lange Suites 
Newman Suites 
Seton Suites 
Southwell Suites 
$5,635  $5,635   $11,270
Dorthy Day 
Lange Apartments 
Newman Apartments 
Rahner Village 
Seton Apartments
Southwell Apartments
$6,350 $6,350 $12,700
   Meal Plans Description

   Plan 275  275 Meals/sem & 200 Meal Points $3,190 $3,190 $6,380
   Plan 19  19 Meals/wk & 200 Meal Points $3,060 $3,060 $6,120
   Plan 225  225 Meals/sem & 200 Meal Points $3,060 $3,060 $6,120
   Plan 14 (1st & 2nd year default plan)  14 Meals/wk & 200 Meal Points $2,805 $2,805 $5,610
   Plan 150  150 Meals/sem & 400 Points $2,805 $2,805 $5,610
   Plan 125  125 Meals/sem & 325 Points $2,325 $2,325 $4,650
   Plan 9  9 Meals/wk & 325 Meal Points $2,325 $2,325 $4,650
   Plan 4  4 Meals/wk & 425 Meal Points $1,525 $1,525 $3,050
   Plan J (Juniors/Seniors Only)  1,160 Meal Points $1,160 $1,160 $2,320
   Plan S (Seniors Only)  885 Meal Points $885 $885 $1,770

 All students placed in housing assignments by Student Life are required to purchase a meal plan.
 Students can change plans through the end of Add/Drop at the beginning of each semester through RoomRez.  

   Please visit Dining Services for more information.
Misc Fees:
Laboratory Fee (where applicable) $50
Returned Check & E-Check Fee $35
Dance Fee $250
Applied Music Fee (1/2 Hour) $300
Applied Music Fee (1 Hour) $600
  The non-refundable applied music fee is payable directly to the instructor at the first lesson.
  If the fee is not paid in full, a hold is placed on grade reports, transcripts, etc.

* Housing Damage Deposit will be returned to students upon graduation, transfer or withdrawal from Loyola. Deposit used to offset the student's final semester damage assessment. Damage charges assessed throughout the year applied to the student's tuition, housing and fees account.