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Perkins Loans

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All Perkins Loans have an interest rate of 5.0%, a nine month grace period and are billed monthly. Minimum monthly payments are $40.00. Payments are due on the first of each month.The status of all accounts is reported monthly to all major credit bureaus. A late charge is assessed on all accounts fifteen (15) days past due.

Billing Agency:  Loyola's Perkins Loans, and all monthly statements and deferment forms are serviced by:

ASC, A Xerox Company
2505 S. Finley Road
Lombard, IL 60148

Exit Interview Information:  All students departing from Loyola, either due to graduation or withdrawal, must complete a federally mandated exit interview. This exit meeting must be done before the student is able to receive grades or transcripts. Graduating students are notified as to when scheduled meetings will be held. Students withdrawing must meet with Shantey Jackson in Student Administrative Services to complete the exit interview. Please email her at sjackson3@loyola.edu for an appointment.  They are to bring their student departure form with them. Plan one hour for this meeting. 

Deferments:  Students continuing their schooling after leaving Loyola must file a student deferment every semester they are in school. The deferment form can be obtained from Shantey Jackson in SAS. If a borrower does not have a deferment form, they can request the school they are attending to certify attendance on school letterhead. All deferments are to be certified by the school the borrower is attending.

For further information, contact:

Shantey Jackson, Perkins Loan Representative
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210