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Graduate Students

BubbleBall FAQs

What is bubble ball soccer?
We think of it as a remix of bumper cars, sumo wrestling, and ridiculousness. You’ll laugh… get knocked over… and laugh some more. Anyone can play and have a great time! Each player is protected by a large, transparent bubble that covers the entire body except for the lower legs, with an opening above the head. You can get knocked over, slam into the ground, and even flip completely over and you won’t feel a thing! There will be netted goals, soccer balls, a referee and up to 20 players in bubble balls. 

Can I bring guests who are not Loyola students to this event?
Yes. Each student is welcomed to bring one guest who may participate. Any additional guests are welcomed to watch the game.

How much does this event cost?
It's FREE! There is absolutely no cost for attending this event.

How can I find the GSO group when I walk in?
You will see a group of people running around in giant bubbles. You can't miss us! We provide additional information on how to find the group in the confirmation email you are expected to receive a few days before the event.

Where is the event located?
Patterson Park, Baltimore

 How long is the event and can I arrive late?
The event is from 5 - 6 p.m. Since the event is only 1 hour long we highly recommend that you come 10 minutes early to get settled into your bubble ball! If are aware that you will be late this the event, please do not register. This event is too short of a duration to accommodate any late arrivals. Thank you!

What if I registered but can no longer make it?
Please contact us immediately at gso@loyola.edu. We have a limited number of spots and a waiting list for those who were closed out of registration. If you are unable to attend please send us an email so we can extend the invitation to other students.  

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?
Please email the GSO if you have any additional questions at gso@loyola.edu