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Charm City Clue Room Event FAQs

What is the Charm City Clue Room?

Charm City Clue Room is an escape room that has been ranked #2 in Maryland! The GSO has reserved two themed rooms for our group, with each room presenting a completely different set of challenges and mysteries you'll need to decode within 60 minutes in order to make your escape. With challenging tasks and puzzles that are designed to challenge your imagination, leadership, cooperation, coordination and quick thinking, it's the perfect adventure to take on with family and friends - and is a great team bonding experience! Don't miss out!

Address: 6 Market Place, Baltimore, MD

Will we actually be locked in?


No. The Clue Room does not require the door to be physically locked. We will still need to unravel the mystery to make our escape!





Who will be in the room with us?



Both rooms will only be occupied with other Loyola graduate students (and their guests).





How much is it to register?

There is a $10 non-refundable fee per person to register. This applies to both students and guests. The value of the tickets (>$30) is being subsidized by the GSO. 

How many guests can I bring?

Due to a limited number of slots, students are allowed to bring only 1 guest who is not a Loyola student.


When will we go to Howl at the Moon piano bar?

The Clue Room and Howl at the Moon are both located in Power Plant Live, Inner Harbor. Starting at 7PM, we will have 60 minutes to make our escape at the Clue Room. At 8PM we can walk over to the piano bar. The GSO has reserved tables and will order appetizers for the group.

Address: 22 Market Place, Baltimore, MD

What does the registration fee for this event include?

The $10 registration includes admission into the Clue Room, reserved tables at Howl at the Moon and appetizers for the group.

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive to the clue room 15 minutes prior to game time to receive instructions. The game starts at 7PM so we are expected to arrive at 6:45PM.



Can I arrive late to this event?

Please arrive on time. The clock starts running at 7PM and we will not be given additional time.


Where can I park?

Power Plant Live validates for free parking at Pier 5 garage on Friday nights, if you get a validation ticket at the VIP tent at the entrance or at Leinenkugel's Beer Garden.

Will there be giveaways?

Of course! We have some awesome new GSO giveaways for you guys this semester! 

If I cannot make it to the event, will I be refunded?


Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund if you have already paid and are unable to attend. The GSO is subsidizing the majority of the cost for each person, and must pay for each student in advance, and cannot receive a refund from the vendor.


Please email the GSO if you have any additional questions at gso@loyola.edu