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Questions and Answers about the GSO Holiday Party 2015

Questions and Answers

1.  What does the admission fee for this event include?

The cost to attend this event is $5 when you pre-pay online and $7 at the door. The admission fee includes appetizers for the group and one free drink of choice. A GSO officer will hand each paying student/guest a ticket upon arrival to this event. This will act as a voucher to receive one free drink at the bar.

2. Can I bring guests who are not Loyola students to this event?

Yes. Students are welcomed to bring guests to this event. The cost is the same for both guests and students --$5 when you pre-pay online and $7 at the door. Guests will receive all the same benefits as students for this event --a ticket for one free drink and food.

3.  If I did not register or pre-pay online, can I still attend this event?

Yes. We will be selling tickets at the door until 9:00 pm. Be aware that the cost to pre-pay online is $5 while the cost at the door is $7.

4.  Can I arrive late to this event?

Yes. We will be selling tickets at the door until 9:00 pm. If you did not pre-pay online and arrive after 9 pm, you are welcome to join the party, but will be responsible for the purchase of your own drink and food. If you did pre-pay online and arrive after 9 pm, look for a GSO officer wearing a white and green scarf to redeem your ticket.

5.  Where can I park?

There is parking along the side of the street. There is also free parking in the light rail station located on the intersection of Newbury and Smith Street (one block away).

6.  If I requested to carpool with the GSO officers, how will I be contacted?

You will be emailed directly by a GSO Officer the week of the event with more information.

7.  Do I have to wear an Ugly Sweater?

No, you are not required to wear an ugly sweater in order to attend this event. The Ugly Sweater is simply a theme for this year's Holiday Party. We will, however, have an ugly sweater contest. Whoever receives the most votes for having the ugliest sweater will win a prize!

8.  Who will order the drinks? 

Students/guests may order their own drinks at the bar. You may hand the bartender your ticket and this will act as a voucher for one free drink of choice. Each ticket is valid for only one drink. Any additional drinks will not be covered by the GSO.  Only the drink purchased with your ticket is covered by the GSO.

9.  Who will order the appetizers?

The GSO officers will order rounds of appetizers for the group. The GSO officers will select from the most popular appetizer options on the menu.

10.  What if I want something that is not an appetizer?

The tickets for this event include one free drink and appetizers for the group. The GSO will not purchase any food items (i.e dinner menu options) in addition to the rounds of appetizers ordered. You are welcome to order additional food items at your own expense.

11.  Will I have an unfathomable amount of fun with my fellow graduate students (before having to re-direct all my efforts back to school and the approaching final examinations)?? 

Of course! 

12. Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?

Please email the GSO if you have any additional questions at gso@loyola.edu