Loyola University Maryland

Graduate Students

Officer FAQs

What officer positions are available?
Vice president, and Treasurer positions will be available to begin in the Fall (2017). In addition, the GSO welcomes additional officers who may act as liaisons for their program.

What are the officer's responsibilities?

  • Serves as the primary conduit for the communication between the GSO and the administrative bodies of Loyola University Maryland, and is considered the primary spokesperson for the GSO.
  • Oversees the implementation and monitors the progress of all programs and activities developed through the GSO and its subsidiary committees.
  • Reaches out to new graduate students and faculty to build on established lines of communication and develop new avenues of dialogue.
  • Fosters the development of GSO committees related to the concerns and needs of graduate students.
  • Maintains the records of all correspondence of and documentation for the GSO.

Vice President

  • Works closely with the President and assists in activities as designated by the President.
  • Is responsible for conducting an open search for and candidates to service as GSO executive office in the following academic year.
  • Serves as a liaison to the undergraduate Student Government Association.
  • Serves as the contact person for graduate students requesting to attend the GSO council meetings, which are open to all graduate students.


  • Maintains daily records of funds distributed for events or organization activities in accordance with Loyola University Maryland policies.
  • Obtains receipts and records accounting for the usage of funds in accordance with Loyola University Maryland policies.
  • Is responsible for creating and overseeing subcommittees charged with the task of formulating fundraising events.
  • Prepares and submits mid-semester budget plans that will be presented to the GSO.
  • Council, and ensures that finances are not allocated unequally among projects and beyond the GSO resources.
  • Allocates time for members to review and inspect GSO financial accounts.

Who can be a GSO officer?
Any graduate student is welcomed to run for an officer position.

How much time do I need to dedicate if I am interested in becoming an officer?
Officers should expect to spend anywhere between 2-5 hours per month collaborating with fellow officers regarding upcoming and future events. We have found it beneficial for all officers to meet for one hour (in person or via skype) at least once a month to discuss the planning and coordination of each upcoming event. Each officer will have the opportunity to coordinator a specific event at some point throughout the academic year. 

How long can I remain an officer?
Our officer positions typically run through the academic year however, students may maintain their officer positions if they are successfully fulfilling the duties of the position.

Can I be involved without being an officer?
Absolutely! Students are welcomed to help coordinate a specific event or provide suggestions for future events. Students may also act as a liaison for their department.


  • Each graduate department may be represented by a single graduate student from that department.
  • An officer may be considered a liaison, however, departments may appoint a liaison apart from the elected officers.
  • Responsible for informing their department (i.e., students, directors) of upcoming GSO events and the needs of the students within their department.