Loyola University Maryland

Graduate Students

Harassment Policy and Procedures

(from 2015-2016 Community Standards Booklet, p. 31)

Harassment is defined as abusive, threatening, or seriously offensive language or other behavior that adversely affects an individual’s living, working, or learning environment. Examples could involve:

a. Technology, email, social networking sites, or Internet including violations of the University Appropriate Use of Technology Policy. Making or attempting to make an
audio or video recording of any person(s) without their expressed permission is prohibited and unlawful.

b. Graffiti or written messages.

c. Verbal, including but not limited to yelling out of windows.

d. Phone calls, voicemails, or text messages.

e. Profanity, pornography, lewd pictures or words.

f. Singling out an individual or group for any act of intolerance (including racial slurs, expressions related to a person’s gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or
disability). Any retaliation, reprisal, or intimidation directed toward a targeted person or anyone else as a result of reporting or participating in an investigation or adjudication of alleged Harassment is strictly prohibited. Any incidents of retaliation should be reported immediately to Student Life and are considered a serious violation of this Policy.

g. Language or actions, written or spoken, expressed with the intent or effect of inciting violence and to place the targets of the words in danger of harm.

Standard sanction: suspension or expulsion from the University.

Policy and Procedures