Loyola University Maryland

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The Mothers' Room


The Mothers' Room was established to support working families at Loyola University Maryland. This room is a private, quiet and peaceful space to let a nursing mother express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth each time such employee has a need to express the milk.   Be sure to speak with your supervisor about the amount of time you’ll need to pump your milk, how it can fit into your workday schedule and how you can make up any extra break time that you take.

Mothers’ Room Locations and Access

  • Evergreen Campus – Room 016, located on the lower level of Jenkins Hall.  Visit Jenkins Hall Suite 220 or call x2345 to check out a key.

  • Graduate Center Timonium Campus – Room 43, Visit the front desk to check out a key.

  • Graduate Center Columbia Campus – Room 367, Visit the front office, Suite 130, to check out a key.

    Please respect all the families who need to use this room by keeping the space clean and limiting use to lactation only

Affordable Care Act: Breast pumps, Lactation Services and Coverage

Did you know that some breastfeeding supplies are considered preventive services under the Affordable Care Act?  Coverage is provided through Loyola’s medical insurance plans for:

  • Electric breast pump (purchase)

  • Hospital grade electric breast pump (rental)
  • Manual breast pump (purchase)
  • Replacement supplies for breast pumps.  These supplies include the following: tubing, adapter and cap replacements for breast pump, breast shield and splash protector replacement, polycarbonate bottle and locking ring replacements for breast pump.

Please contact Cigna customer service at 1-800-244-6224 for questions related to the purchase or rental of any of the above referenced supplies.

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