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Graduate Assistantship Vacancy

Department Center for Community Service and Justice, International Immersion Programs
Position Description This position will assist with planning and administration of Project Mexico (PMex) and Encounter El Salvador, two of the University‚Äôs international immersion programs. Although the actual trip of each lasts only ten days in duration, the preparation, education and fundraising spans the entire year. Project Mexico is our longest running international immersion program, begun in 1987, with 23 participants and Encounter El Salvador started in 1998 and has 15 participants. Both programs are very popular and need to raise funds to maintain the programs expenses as well as donations which are made in the countries they visit. The Project Mexico Auction (which benefits both programs) has become one of the best known and attended Loyola events and all of the University participates in its success. The multifaceted components require careful and detailed planning. We do have two student leaders and one assistant student leader that do take on a lot of responsibility. However, marked growth in the auction and program preparation over the past years now requires more administrative assistance in oversight and facilitation. Much of the work will include details necessary to have a successful auction, such as work with development, publications, events, central duplication for auction book etc. This graduate position will involve detailed administrative record-keeping and paperwork specific to the auction as well as other opportunities to work with the student leaders and program development. This will include research of international immersion programs at other universities, and other tasks as needed.
Hours & Wages


One (1) or two (2) academic years (not including summer). Recipient will work approximately 15 hours per week each semester, or approximately 200 hours per semester. It will require some evening and weekend hours.


$3375 per semester, following a 50 percent stipend and 50 percent scholarship model ($1687.50 will automatically go towards tuition, $1687.50 will be provided as a stipend).

**This amount is based on 200 hours/semester. It may be prorated depending on when position is filled and how many hours of work will actually be completed during the semester.


  • Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Loyola University.
  • Current, ongoing experience with either service-learning, community service, and/or social justice education/work.
  • Demonstrated communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Ability and willingness to work with faculty, students, and community representatives.
  • Ability to work flexible hours in the evening and weekends
  • Computer skills to assist with database and auction book publication.
  1. Organize all international immersion participant paperwork, including health and liability forms, fee payment, and contracts.
  2. Organize student committees in conjunction with the program leaders and meet individually with Committee Chairs to overview the responsibilities and scope of their position.
  3. Supervise Committee Chairs together with the respective moderator, with attention to development of leadership, group facilitation, delegation and social justice education skills.
  4. Correspond with Loyola Department and Office representatives as needed.
  5. Assist with planning and facilitating of the Auction and other fund raising activities.
  6. Develop participant lists and databases as needed for recordkeeping and program administration.
  7. Complete administrative tasks associated with interviewing and acceptance.
  8. Help with travel arrangements for site groups.
  9. Assist with budget planning and recording.
  10. Assist with development of instrument for program evaluation and with analysis of responses.
Contact Information Andrea Goicochea, Assistant Director of International Immersion Programs and Justice Education

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