Loyola University Maryland

Office of Human Resources

Allender Master of Accounting Assistantship, Research & Development

Department Accounting, Graduate Business Programs
Hours & Wages

10 hours/week for one semester

$3000.00/semester or $6000.00/year

Qualifications and Responsibilities 

To be considered for MACC assistantship, please submit your updated resume, a letter of interest highlighting why you should receive the assistantship, and a list of all other scholarships, assistantships, or any other financial aid you have received at Loyola. Please list them by date and amounts. This opportunity is restricted to students in the Master of Accounting program.

The recipient of an assistantship is required to work with a faculty member(s) or for the department for up to 10 hours a week. This arrangement is made between the recipient and the faculty member(s), to whom the student is assigned, or with the chair of the department.

Application Deadline Applications will be reviewed through March 1. 

Contact Information

Kelly G. Fader, Director, Graduate Cohort Programs




Graduate Assistant Employment Application