Loyola University Maryland

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CCSJ Spring Break Outreach - Graduate Assistantship

Department Center for Community Service and Justice, Spring Break Outreach
Hours & Wages


One (1) or two (2) academic years (not including summer). Recipient will work approximately 15 hours per week each semester, or approximately 240 hours per semester. May include some evening and weekend hours.


$3600 per semester, following a 50 percent stipend and 50 percent scholarship model ($1800 will automatically go towards tuition, $1800 will be provided as a stipend).

**This amount is based on 240 hours/semester. (15 hours per week for 16 weeks at $15/hour.) It may be prorated depending on when the position is filled and how many hours of work will actually be completed during the semester.


  1. Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Loyola University Maryland
  2. Current, ongoing experience with service-learning, community service, and/or social justice education
  3. Demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills
  4. Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  5. Ability to collaborate effectively with faculty, students, and community representatives

This position will assist with planning and administration of Spring Break Outreach (SBO), the College’s alternative spring break community service immersion program. Although the actual trip is only a week in duration, preparations for and administration of the program spans the entire year. As the university’s largest immersion program with over 120 participants, SBO’s multifaceted components require careful and detailed planning, as well as thoughtful time spent to train and empower student leaders. 

This graduate position will involve detailed administrative record-keeping and paperwork, but also will include opportunities for involvement in training and supervising students, education and program development.

  1. Organize and track all SBO participant paperwork, including health and liability forms, fee payment, and contracts.
  2. Organize participant interviews and application process, compiling data for placement meeting.
  3. Supervise Committee Chairs, with attention to development of leadership, group facilitation, delegation and social justice education skills.
  4. Correspond with participants and host site representatives as needed.
  5. Assist with planning and facilitating Orientation and Pre-Departure Meetings.
  6. Attend Site Leader training meetings (most likely on Sunday evenings) and keep track of tasks and follow-ups.
  7. Develop participant lists and databases as needed for recordkeeping and program administration.
  8. Complete administrative tasks associated with interviewing and acceptance.
  9. Assist with coordination of travel arrangements for site groups.
  10. Assist with development of and distribution of  program evaluation; compile responses for analysis and collaborate on developing recommendations for future programs.
Contact Information Submit application and your resume to Christina Harrison, Associate Director of Immersion Programs and Education, 410-617-2771.

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